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Reasonable Venues in Hattiesburg, MS

Do you ladies know any venues in Hattiesburg that are not so expensive? My FI and I wants to have an outside wedding like in a garden or something, but we are not trying to spend $7000. I would love to know any of your ideas.

Re: Reasonable Venues in Hattiesburg, MS

  • Hmmmm. I lived there for a while, but the only wedding I went to was at a church. You might try the Crawford House (next to town square park), I know the train station rents out, but that's not so much outdoors. The Neal House is nice-ish, but, again, indoors, and I'm pretty sure you'd have to use their catering.

  • Okay thank you. I was thinking about having it at a church but I'm not sure yet.
  • Okay thank you. I was thinking about having it at a church but I'm not sure yet.
  • Have you thought about Ash-Leigh Manor? It's really nice. It's on Hwy 11 by the Family Y.

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  • There is Southern Oaks as well but I am sure its expensive!!  The train station for a reception is very very cheap!  Only $300 to rent but it rents out quickly!!  
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  • Thank you ladies :) I think about having the ceremony in a church and the reception somewhere close by.
  • I've been to Seminary Canoe Rental in Seminary and they have quite the setting for an outdoor wedding. They have 4 beautiful, rustic cabins there that can be rented out for the event. Two of which that are on the creek. So anyone lookin' for a beautiful outdoor spot with facilities, a creek in the background, this is the place! Wonderful for Flip-Flop, Western, Elegant Country weddings. Thought I would share- My husband and I got married January 15 and I searched for places and could hardly find any outdoor venues to consider.
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