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I'm just not sure if it's worth it! I understand the time investment for a videographer to film and edit, but thousands of dollars worth? Is it really worth it for a 5 min. dvd? Thoughts anyone?

Re: Videography

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    Who is charging you thousands of dollars for 5 mins? That is not worth it at all!!
    Originally we weren't going to go with one. But after more thinking and talking to people that were married, we discovered there were always 3 main regrets.

    1. They didn't get a day of coordinator
    2. They didn't put enough money into photography
    3. They skipped the videographer.

    The couples who did invest in some sort of videographer said that it ended up being the most important memory of the day, because in pics you didn't catch every expression. Or missed expressions to Moms and Dads because they were focused on the vows. They all said that there were times they would watch the video and see something they missed in the blur that became thier wedding. They were able to relive the vows and hear the emotion, and for them it was priceless.

    If you do enough research on it, you will find there are people who will work in all budgets. Mine is high end because we are getting cinematic videography. It is more artistic and not just a camera catching raw things. There will be a long edit process. We also chose that company because they provide a high def 5 min video for facebook ect, because many of our friends and family live out of state. We want to be able to share with them, because they can't afford to come.

    If you want to stay in a budget, scour craigslist for college students, or use something like weddingwire. Weddingwire will have reviews from brides and links to websites. My main suggestion is you view all the sample they have and pick the stlye that fits you the most.
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    I am so glad I had a videographer!  We weren't going to have one and then I found one offering a special on craigslist and just went for it.  I could not be more happier that I did.  And for what it's worth, depending on the package you get or whatever, it's more than 5 minutes.  I have footage from the time we were getting dressed until the time we walked out the door to go to our honeymoon, so about 2 hours.  My ceremony alone was about 30 minutes.  There are so many things on my video that I had no idea even happened at the wedding.  IMO, it is so worth it.  I suggest searching craigslist if you are thinking about not getting one.  I used DNA Videography, [email protected]
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    Twin, are you referring to the five minute highlight video? If you get a videography package you usually get hours of footage and the highlight video is just... highlights. Videographers can film pre-ceremony (getting ready), the ceremony itself, the reception, sometimes extra interviews or slideshows, etc. - so you wind up with quite a bit of footage. As MnM and BabyBlue said, you can find someone to fit your budget and your needs. We are using Heather with TribeDocs and she's $850 for a full 6 or so hours.
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    Ok, that helps. Thanks, ladies!
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