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wooden charger plates

I am looking everywhere for wooden charger plates, and they're SOOO expensive (I know, suprise surprise).  I'm wondering if anyone knows where to get decently priced charger plates, or better yet, has some they're willing to sell (or rent).  Any help is appreciated!

Re: wooden charger plates

  • You could check out bamboo or bagasse plates that are large enough to serve as chargers. has some.

    Is it possible to do without chargers, or rent large plates from a rental company? I know thats not entirely helpful, but its all I have at the moment =(
  • I know that Crate and Barrel just added some bamboo plates as well.  Not sure how large they are, but maybe it's an option?

  • I make custom wooden charger plates and wooden cake stands out of Colorado Aspen and Colorado Walnut.Handcrafted and personalized.Backwoods Art LLC,720-438-8430.
  • I'm using crossections of logs for my centerpieces... had my fiance cut up some logs in 1 inch thick slices, then I'll sand them. Obviously this won't work if you're looking to put food on them , but they look nice for display?
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