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Bridesmaid Gifts Issues PIP

I want to give my bridesmaids a necklace like below and a little goodie bag with other assorted things they like.

I showed it to my mom and she thinks I shouldn't get them anything with initals becasue their intials are going to change when they get married...but none of them are even close to being married. What do you guys think? If you got this as a gift would you be like "ohh I can only wear this until I get married"?

Re: Bridesmaid Gifts Issues PIP

  • I like them they are cute ! If none of them are engaged I wouldent worry about it, I fully intend on wearing a powder puff foot ball shirt of mine that says my last name till its garbage lol

  • I was going to get that same necklace for my girls.  The only reason I decided not to was because 1 of my BM already has it so I couldn't figure out a workaround.  I say go for it.  I think they are so nice!  Where is that one from btw?
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  • Esty!

    There are more expensive ones on there, but I'm going with the $40-$50 price range, so I can get them other things.
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    I absolutely love that and would wear it if given to me.  Could you do just the first initial?  I'd wear that too. 
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    [QUOTE]I absolutely love that and would wear it if given to me.  <strong>Could you do just the first initial?  I'd wear that too. </strong>
    Posted by Giaspo[/QUOTE]

    That's what I was thinking also. 

    The monogram is really pretty though! 
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  • If that was my style, I'd wear it even if/after I changed my name.

    I'm not a big fan of monograms, though. Like the PPs said, I prefer something with my first initial only, and that's what I see on the majority of my friends who actually do wear something with their name/initials on it.

    I have this necklace and I wear it pretty often. Ive had it for probably five years now and it's held up extremely well:
  • I'd wear it, even it my name changed.
  • OH! Forgot to mention this, FWIW.... I bought one of these from as a test to see the quality of them before I went and ordered for all my girls.  I ordered it with my soon-to-be initials and have been wearing it ever seince, so I dont think it will matter if the girls eventually get married and the necklace has different initials.

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  • i love it and would still wear it even after i get married.  who knows if your bridesmaids who get married will even change their last name anyways.  if you think they will like it then go for it!
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  • I think it's cute, but I wouldn't wear it. Honestly, I don't want people staring at my chest trying to figure out my initials. Is this something you're sure your girls will like? Have you seen any of them wear any other monogrammed items? Not everyone is into that stuff. If you ask this question on any of the international boards, you'll get a much more negative response.
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