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Who Cried Walking Down the Aisle?

So just out of curiosity, who else cried walking down the aisle? Who beamed with a big smile? Any other funny or interesting stories about your walk? I surprised myself by being completely overcome with emotion five seconds before they opened the church doors for me and I cried all the way down the aisle! I hope I didn't have an ugly cry face in my pictures! Haha. The one sweet thing was as I got closer to DH at the end of the aisle, his 9 yr old son was at the end of the pew whispering to me "don't cry! Smile!" while he was making a smiley face motion with his hands. Too sweet, but it was too late at that point! I would love to hear other stories about your walk.
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Re: Who Cried Walking Down the Aisle?

  • I cried in the limo when we all my girls got out and I was there by myself....then I cried while I was waiting to walk lol   but while walking I smiled from ear to ear :)
  • I shockingly almost started crying when I lined up with my dad to walk down the aisle.  That really surprised me.  But after a couple moments where I thought I was going to, I pulled myself together.  However, the walking down the aisle experience was a bit different than I had envisioned.  My 3 yeard old nephew and foster niece were the ring bearer and flower girl.  They were super cute, but they didn't want to walk in there without grandpa (my dad).  So the only way to get them down the aisle was with my dad holding my nephew's hand and my neice walking with us.  (She was ready to go, but she wasn't going to go without my nephew).  All 4 of us ended up walking down the aisle together.  It was adorable and hilarious all at the same time.  We pretty much laughed the entire walk down the aisle.  It probably wasn't "perfect" but I'll remember it forever, and I'm just thankful they weren't crying as we walked in, cause they had been less than happy most of the day.  But even if they were, it would have been ok.  I love those two kids.

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  • I got close in the bridal suite because my Mom broke down when she saw me put my dress on (I wore the dress she married my Dad in). I was ok walking down the aisle, and kept it together during the ceremony BUT DH got really emotional and actually struggled to get through his vows. It was so sweet :)
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    I imagine I would've had an emotional time right before we walked but I didn't even have a chance to! lol No one came to let us know that we were all going to walk down (the BMs and I were in the bridal suite) when a girl came running in yelling "The guys are walking down NOW!!!!" I didn't have my veil on, MOH didn't have her shoes... it was crazy. So I kind of just pushed the BMs out and MOH helped carry my veil to where my dad was waiting but had to throw it behind me and run to the start point of walking because she was running late. It was crazy. I had a weird, nervous smile in my pictures walking down. It was kind of funny. DH loves that, though, because he says the pictures are "real" and I wasn't just trying to look pretty =P

    I also had a really special moment with my dad then, too. We're not super close, so I wasn't sure how the walk would go but we actually kind of whispered to eachother most of the way down the aisle. He also got me to laugh a few times which made for a few awesome photos.Very sweet.

    The only time I DID cry was during the ceremony. Particularly my vows. MY MOH/best friend did a reading which got me misty eyed then DH did his vows which made me laugh a couple of times. Then when I started my vows, I was crying like a beast. hahaha! It was funny because, as I read them, (we wrote our own and put them on index cards) I was crying because I knew what the next line was going to say. lol!

    All in all, it was very amazing. =)
  • I was somewhat aware of it at the time, but now that I've seen pictures I definitely realize that I'm looking down at the ground my ENTIRE walk down the aisle. I remember thinking to myself that if I made eye contact with anyone I would probably start bawling. That and I was so afraid I was going to trip, lol.
  • The only time I actually cried was during the speeches at the reception. My father passed away when I was 15, and we were really close. During the speech my mother gave she mentioned how much Dad would have approved of DH and how happy he would be for me right now.... that made me cry
  • I did not because I was busy taking huge deep breaths as I walked down the aisle. Someone later told me, "You didn't look happy during the walk down the aisle." GREAT. Frown

    At the rehearsal though, the deacon had us actually say our vows. My H went first, and I started getting misty. When it was time for me, I sobbed basically. So, during the day of I was fine. Maybe he does that on purpose so brides can get that out of their system.
  • I came really close, and did get a little misty! Apparently I made some pretty funny happy-emotional faces, according to what I heard afterward! :) I got a little weepy during the toasts, too. My H held it together! Our officiant (who is also one of my oldest friends) cried (briefly) during the ceremony though! <3 It was really sweet!
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  • I was shocked I didn't cry at all during our ceremony.  I think if DH had cried (he said he was super close but held back when he first saw me) I wouldn't have stood a chance.  Down the aisle I was beaming at totally focused on him.  The only time I cried was after the ceremony.  My younger brother (21) came up to me and he's an athlete so a total tough guy and he hugged me and said "Matt (our older brother) keeps making fun of me because I cried more than mom.  I just love you both so much and am so happy for you and Radhi"  and I saw he was crying again so I cried!
  • I didnt cry at all, i smiled and laughed. H cried though. :) That was cute.
  • Fun stories.  Now that I think about it, DH and I both cried during his brief speech at the small RD, then I was encouraged by others to stand up and say something and I cried the whole time, then during our Welcome Party with all of our guests DH teared up again when making a brief statement (I stayed silent because I was already choked up).  So looking back, maybe it wasn't such a suprise I started crying.  I really hope my pictures aren't ridiculous! :)  I've seen some non-pro pics of us leaving down the aisle together and at least I look very happy then!
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  • I teared up a little when I heard the music change to my song after the bridesmaids were done walking down the aisle. That was it though because the entire ceremony was very intense (and shortened!) thanks to the impending storm. DH and I were laughing at each other because we got rained on a little bit. 

    I don't think I cried at all on the wedding day - I was very calm and DH was nervous about everything going smoothly. I did tear up again when I realized that my younger brother didn't make it to the wedding. I didn't even cry at the reception during my speech about my mom not being there. I was kind of surprised but I think I felt like I had to keep it together because DH was so out of sorts. 
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  • I choked up a bit when I was reading my vows, teared during the receiving line, and had more tears during speeches.
    I thought I was gonna ball my eyes out! But didn't!
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    I cried all the way down and all through the ceremony...
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  • I thought I'd be okay ... got a little emotional in the hall before my dad and I went in -- and then when we entered the sancutary, H was sobbing! Red face, tears running down his cheeks ... I lost it. We both starred into each others eyes sobbing my whole walk down the aisle. I feel kinda bad, beacuse I vaguely remember pulling my dad a little bit so we could get to the end quicker! I figured once I was at the front of the church no one would see my face for a while and I could pull myself back together!! I made it through the rest of the ceremony without tears, but H didn't ... he cried the WHOLE time! Poor guy ... he was teasing me so much beforehand because I always get emotional at weddings -- and I held it together better than he did!
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