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Thanksgiving Weekend yay or nay????

So my fiance and I are thinking about getting married the saturday after thanskgiving but we cant decide if it is a good idea or not. On one side, everyone has a long weekend and they wouldnt need to take off from work. BUT its a family weekend and people tend to go spend it with their families and may not want to cut that short for our wedding. Ideas??? We dont know which way to go.

Re: Thanksgiving Weekend yay or nay????

  • Hmm, so looking at the weekend after November 28 then for 2013, right?

    I think for me, I just feel really sluggish and full after Thanksgiving, so I'd personally dread getting into my wedding dress after the feast! Plus I do enjoy spending time with my family. Thanksgiving is Thursday though so if you don't get married until Saturday, people will probably have time to do whatever traditions it is that they have.

    It depends on what you as a couple/your family/your friends can do as far as schedules, though. Just keep in mind if you have guests coming from out of town that wouldn't otherwise be getting there, Thanksgiving time is really awful in airports and plane tickets will be expensive.

    Definitely a personal decision and I see lots of pros... my parents got married the Saturday *before* Thanksgiving for similar reasons, it was easier to get time off, mom is a teacher and the school she was at gave her the entire week (or maybe week after?) off, so she didn't have to take too much extra time off. We thought about doing a similar thing, but the way the calendar works, we'd be sharing their anniversary if we did that and we kind of wanted our ouw, so we're doing a few weeks earlier in November. :) 

    But I'd say no. I'm not a big fan of getting married around holidays though, but that's mostly because I always have to travel to them and it is a pain!

  • Okay now I feel bad that I dashed the idea and no one had added their opinion!!! Anyone else have a say??

  • Dont feel bad LOL. I think it depends where people are coming from. Would people from out of town normally come to your town that weekend anyway. Do you not really have a lot of people from out of town? If you dont and everyone is around that weekend anyway then it is a great idea. If people would have to travel, traveling that weekend is a nightmare, been there done it and continue to do it. It is the worst. And expendsive. Look at your situation and deside from there. We thought about it. For about two secongs then reliezed id have a house fun of people, and Id be hosting thanksgiving two days before my wedding. Nope not doing that, so we chose a different weekend.
  • Well I know me personally that could never happen here in Wisconsin! Not only is it Thanksgiving but it's also Deer hunting season! It's already bad enough that I am getting married right around Bow Hunting season, when I tell people when the wedding is they always ask, well you know that's the beginning of bow hunting right. So for me it would be a big no! But I also agree with the 1st post about feeling all huge and full after Thanksgiving and just wanting to kick back and be lazy! People will come to your wedding no matter what, it's just taking peoples plans into consideration and realizing they might lose family time to make it to your wedding!
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  • We are actually doing ours the weekend before Thanksgiving, November 16th. We have several out of town guests that will be coming in and I think it's much better to do pre holiday as opposed to post because of people feeling slugish or not being able to get the time! More importantly, do what is right for the both of you!
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  • I'm doing mine that Saturday after thanksgiving too. I think it's a great idea bc your guest will have 2 days to recuperate for your wedding. Everyone usually gets a long weekend and at our venue we are having a thanksgiiving brunch for all of our oot guest. If they want to come great if not its their lose not mine. Go for it !
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