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Just wanted to know how your saving on reducing the cost of items for the wedding.

Re: Saving

  • All of my BM dresses were clearance.  So they weren't expensive.  I bought my dress pre-owned.  Our photographer was somewhat cheaper than most around here.  Our cake is simple flavors with very little detailing to save on those costs, and we did decide to use kitchen cake rather than add an extra tier.  

    Our DJ is budget friendly as well.

    We're using a caterer my mom knew from church who's only charging us $8.50 a person.  That's saving a lot.  And probably has a lot to do with the fact we picked simple, casual foods (chicken fingers, salads, beans, etc).
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  • Our caterer is also cheap- only $10 a person

    I cut 30 people from our guest list just last week (it would be nice to have them, but they just wern't "essential")

    Our pies will be less than $1 a person

    We are doing all of the decorating and setting up ourselves

    Our photographer and officiant are close friends so they are super reasonably priced

    Using minimal flowers to reduce that budget- will be buying bulk babys breath from a florist
    The BM and I are doing all of our own hair and makeup

    FI wants a bonfire at his grandpartents farm for our RD, so that will save us a bundle

    Our rentals are adding up, and we definitely splurged on the DJ but these things were important to us. My only regret is spending too much on my dress- I got caught up in the whole thing :(

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  • Turtles, I feel like I spent too much on my dress too... more than I had planned on. But there was nothing that compared! It's just hard to justify it cause I will wear it once...

    We are saving my having a cheaper restaurant around here cater our RD, and family ad friends are doing a lot for us. FI's uncle owns a printing company, so anything paper related or that needs to be printed, he's doing for free for us. A friend is doing our cake for cheap. A friend is doing hair, another is doing make up, and another will be doing our videography. Our photographer, while he is extremely talented and has done tons of weddings as a second shooter, is just starting his own business, so he was cheaper. Also, FMIL did all of our silk flower bouquets and all. 
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