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Maid of honor dilema

So I'm the middle child of 9 kids. There are 7 girls and 2 boys in my family (yes all from the same parents!). All of us are wicked close to eachother. My sisters are my best friends. So i'm planning on having all of them be in the wedding party, in addition to my sister in law and my sister in law to be. A while back, we had all discussed what would be a good fair way to choose who to be eachother's maids of honor so that we wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings. What we decided on was that we would choose the sister who's older than us. But my problem is that I don't want to just choose 1 of my sisters to be my maid of honor.

So my question for you ladies is... would it be weird if I didn't have a maid of honor? And just do bridesmaids? I don't want to have any friends in my wedding party, so asking a good friend to be my maid of honor is out of the question for me... It'll just get too out of hand and too expensive if I start adding friends so I'd like to stick to just my family. Opinions?

Re: Maid of honor dilema

  • kelleyandmikekelleyandmike member
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    It's your wedding so you should have all bridesmaids if you want.  Not choosing one shouldn't hurt anyone's feelings because everyone is equal.
  • tara214tara214 member
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    My future brother in law did not want to pick one of his brothers or only one of his friends to be his best man so he referred to them all (13 of them) as his best men and did not call anyone groomsmen or ushers. It's your wedding, you can do what ever you want!!! 
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    I think you should definitely go this route and it won't hurt anyone's feelings. Someone will naturally take the leadership role in planning, and everyone will just be called your bridesmaids.
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    It's your wedding. People tell me that all the time when I have a dilema. Do what would make you happy, and if not picking a maid of honor would make you happy to not chose then do it!! You only get married once (hopefully)
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