Band for reception recommendations?

We don't want a DJ (dance music is just not our thing). We do love going to see live music though! We are not from the area so don't know of any good local bands to look at. Any recommendations?

Re: Band for reception recommendations?

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    Check out Tony Boffa.  He plays a lot in the Portland area.  I've been to several events and weddings where he has played and feel they are the best around! Good luck.
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    Thanks! I'll check him out. The wedding is in The Forks, so Prtland is a bit far, but maybe he'd be willing to travel.
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    I don't know what your budget is, but we had Flipside from Boston and they are amazing.  They are on the pricier side, and I'm not sure if they would charge extra for your location (they didn't charge more on top of their normal charges for us in Freeport).  But seriously amazing--check out some of their stuff on YouTube.  

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     definitely check out ~  DELTA KNIGHTS 

    they are a great band.  heard them this summer at a wedding on peaks island out of portland.   Lots of styles of music with horns and my friend that was getting married said they were really good communicators and easy to deal with

    good luck !
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