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The wedding shower

what is etiquette as far as who gets invited.  We have some out of towners on our list, should my bridal party send invitations to all of the women that are invited to the wedding?

What is really required on our part, in reference to providing transportaion to out of town guests or any guests getting to and from the reception, in the event they had too much to drink.  We are going to block off rooms, but are we obligated to provide transportaion.  We are really trying to budget as much as possible and thought this was somewhere we could cut.

Re: The wedding shower

  • Don't invite all the female wedding guests!  It should be close family and friends who are local and who are also invited to the wedding.

    You are not obligated to provide transportation for your guests from the reception, though it's a nice touch if you can afford it. 
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  • when do you do the shower? like how far advance before the wedding?
  • Most showers are typically 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding.  Although I have heard of them being as far out as 8-10 weeks because of trying to coordinate plans with a lot of people.

    My DD's shower was 5 weeks before the wedding.  My DIL's shower was about 7 weeks before.
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  • Showers are typically a month or two before the wedding. The guest list is usuallly the closest (relationship wise) female guests, but in some social circles ALL the women get invited. I think it's best to stick with the former. The big etiquette rule is that no one gets an invite to a shower if they aren't invited to the wedding (work showers being the exception).

    You're not obligated to provide transportation at the reception. Speak with your venue about having some taxi numbers posted in a conspicuous location.
  • ok thanks trix and thanks laurening!!!
  • Have you thought of blocking off rooms at hotels that have free local transportation??
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