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Milk and cookies bar?

I saw somewhere on here the other day where someone mentioned they had/are having a milk and cookies bar. I just wondered how they served/willl be serving the milk??

I think it's a cute idea and a friend of mine mentioned she just attended one where they had several trays of cookies set out on a dessert table and had a milk fountain. I guess the fountain keeps the milk cold enough to where it won't go bad? She said she was scared to try it but thought it would be really neat if it would work (don't need to be sending my guests to the dr. or hospital) lol.

Re: Milk and cookies bar?

  • We had "shots" of milk with cookies on top of the shot glasses.  They were put out on a tray, and the venue staff just replenished as they were taken.  We didn't have problems with the milk spoiling.

  • Yum!  What kind of cookies did you serve?
  • We just had plain chocolate chip cookies.  Our inspiration was something like this (link) that I saw in a magazine.  We had them as part of our dessert buffet.

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    [QUOTE]We just had plain chocolate chip cookies.  Our inspiration was something like this ( link ) that I saw in a magazine.  We had them as part of our dessert buffet.
    Posted by jessicabessica[/QUOTE]

    That's so cute! What a good idea!
  • Such a cute idea! :) Pinterest has lots of cute pictures and layouts of them. As for the safety, think about how long a gallon of milk is out once when you are grocery shopping: theres the time in your cart, in the car home, and then actually unpacking until its safe in your fridge :)
    I think as long as the venue  is serving the milk, you shouldn't have to worry about making guests ill :) They can just replenish like Jessica mentioned to keep the milk shots/glasses nice and cold!
  • egm900egm900 member
    A restaurant I go to has milk and cookies as a dessert option, and I'm not exactly sure what they do to the milk, but it is the most amazing thing.  I know it has to have some vanilla bean and maybe powdered sugar in it?  If you were looking for something "different" think about how to change/flavor the milk.
  • PeavyPeavy member
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    Please don't serve milk in a fountain.  Yuck!  I don't want to eat or drink anything that's been recirculated - chocolate, punch, champagne, milk.

    Depending on how formal your wedding is, you might consider little milk cartons like you get in school.
  • We're doing ice cold milk shots as part of our cookie bar.  Our venue is making an assortment of cookies and the guests will be able to pack up some cookies to take home.  The hotel baker is even going to make my mom's special recipe chocolate chip cookies.


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