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  • Confession: I miss wedding planning : / I need to find a project soon!
  • Vent: DH's work sucks. And I cannot wait for him to find another job.

    Confession: I fear that when I leave my job in June I won't be able to find something better, and I fear DH will never leave he current job because he'll only leave if something better comes along. 

    And my mom's family (30+ people) are all going to Chi-town the last weekend of January to watch my cousin from Cali play bball. I feel really bad because DH and I weren't planning on going because we cannot afford it and now my mom offered for us to stay in her hotel room because my dad's not going. DH still has to see if he can get work off but I just feel bad because I don't like relying on others BUT I love seeing my big family and don't want to miss the opportunity.
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    [QUOTE]Vent: I've been having this massive stomach problem for a few days now. I feel great, its just that my tummy feels so sour.
    Posted by mtishawt[/QUOTE]

    <div>Hope your stomach is better soon MT!</div>
  • Confession: I totally forgot it was my anniversary with FI today...facebook reminded me.

    Vent: I'm working on some signage for work right now using our corporate valentines theme and it looks like POOP. The designer that put together the theme looks like they threw it together in 2 minutes and it makes me angry because anyone on my team could have put more time into it to make it really polished and nice looking!
  • Confession (because this will make you laugh I think):  I cried like a baby last weekend when the Lions lost. I was drunk and PMSing and got all sorts of upset about how all of my sports teams "just missed" this year. And then I got mad because FI's favorite team (U of M football) had just won the stupid sugar bowl and they played like crap and didn't deserve to be in the bowl game. I'm 5.

    Maybe a vent will be coming later but I"m gonna skip that for now.
    June 16, 2012
  • I hate my new job....as much as I complained about the last one, I really loved it, just the hours sucked.  We have 2 options that leave me torn 1.) Live in a city we love, with a job I hate (which for the record pays half of what I was making a year ago...granted cost of living is less too) OR 2.) Move to an area where we probably won't be happy but be able to find jobs we love that pay well.  I feel like a spoiled brat but I just want a good job, with decent pay in the city where I want to live. 

    I also confess that I am overly excited to be a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding.
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