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Central New York

Stephen Marsh

We recently hired Stephen Marsh Photography to do our wedding, and my mom is a little worried since he wants all the money up front.  Has anyone used him and can reassure her about that?  If anyone has and wants to post so I  can show her that would be great.  Thanks!

Re: Stephen Marsh

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    Hm, Ive never heard of him, but that sounds a little weird to me. I'd make sure you have a solid as a rock contract.
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    Oh yeah, I do.  I personally am not bothered by it and I don't think its that out of the usual (after all, if you screw them over by not paying, the vast majority of the value IE his time has already been given and he can't take it back).  But it's bothering her, so I was hoping to get a comment here from someone who has used him.  He has rave reviews online.
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    I would recommend you ask him for atleast two references. That should be pretty routine, and he should be happy to do that for you. Give them a call, and talk to them, get some info, and then share that with your mom. If for some reason he balks at giving you a "real live" reference, then I would be a little suspicious. It's easy enough to create a million and one online reviews to say whatever you want, but real references go a long way!
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