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Weather Worries?

I am planning a December 1, 2012 wedding, but I am afraid of the possible weather situations. I'm in New England, so the weather is always might be 60 degrees or it might be 20 and icy. I know the possibility of a major bizzard is not too great, but I would be heartbroken if people couldn't get there. Any thoughts?

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  • I just got married on Dec 17 in Boston, so I know what you are feeling as I was worried about the same thing last year.  I just kept in mind weather is not guarrenteed any time of year, especially in New England.  Remember that hurricane that we had earlier this summer?  Couples got married that weekend and made it work.   Anyway, we chose December becuase we love the time of year and absolutely love Christmas.  We thought it was a great time of year to bring all of our family and friends together.  On our invite we used a quote "In the spirit of the season, we have found the perfect reason, to gather with family and friends"

    Good luck! 
  • I, too have that worry! The FH and I live two and half states from my hometown where the wedding will be so I am actually more worried about us not being able to get there!

    But I just have to trust everything will work out the way its supposed to. If you need peace of mind, you might look into gettign event insurance.
  • I'll be getting married in northeast Ohio Dec. 22nd next year. I also have weather worries. We plan on purchasing wedding insurance. Hopefully we won't need it, but in case we do, we'll be covered. 
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  • Are there any hotels close to where you are getting married?

    Our wedding is in December and the weather here is pretty unpredictible as well. We decided to get married at a Bed and Breakfast VERY CLOSE to where my mom lives just in case weather got bad. There is also another Bed and Breakfast and Two hotels within walking distance to our wedding site. We figured, if weather got bad enough, people could stay in the close by hotels and stuff or even at my mom's.

    Best of luck to you. I hope the weather holds out for you Laughing
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  • Another New England Bride here...and we are date twins! The first weekend in December 2011 was 55 degrees here in RI...CRAZY...just goes to show you never know!

    The only weather I am worried about is a BLIZZARD! A little snow would be welcome :)

    Lets cross our fingers together!
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    Another New England 12/1/12 bride here!  I understand your worries too but it seems like the past few years we've had pretty mild Decembers.  But like Rachel above me said... I wouldn't mind just a LITTLE bit of snow.  :)
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