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Facials before wedding

I received a Groupon for a facial from my FI for V-Day and the soonest I could get in was was 10 days before my wedding. If for whatever reason I have a reaction, is 10 days enough time to heal? I've never had a facial before so I have no idea how my skin is going to react.

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    Yes its plenty of time, IMO. I have only had a bad reaction to a facial once. I was fine in 3 days. If you are nervous, ask them not to use Retin- A. It is a strong drug/ chemical that can really irritate some skin if you arent use to it.

    FWIW, I had my brow waxed 5 days before my wedding, and the waxer burned my brow with hot wax.. My MUA was able to hide it.
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  • 10 days should be fine. I have pretty sensitive skin and have never had a bad reaction to anything used during a facial. I do always tell them ahead of time about my skin. Def mention your wedding is in 10 days and they should'nt put anything weird on you. They will probably just exfoliate and moisturizer the hell out of you - good things :))
  • BTW, Kat, that sucks! I have nightmares about poor waxing pre wedding. I guess everything can be fixed right? Deep breaths, ahhhh
  • You should inform the person doing your facial that your wedding is in 10 days. That way, they might avoid using harsher products. 
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  • Thanks everyone. I feel much better about it now.
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