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On-site hair and makeup

I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for on-site hair and makeup that would be under $100 per person in my bridal party. I am not so concerned with the cost of my hair and makeup, but I cannot afford to pay for my bridesmaids and I don't feel right asking them to spend that much on a one-night celebration. Thanks!
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Re: On-site hair and makeup

  • You don't HAVE to pay for their hair and makeup.. Just to be clear.. If you are requiring them to have those things done, then yes.. it would be appropriate to pay for them, but  you can always give them the option. (that's what I did with my girls. I paid for their make up, but let them choose on their hair) 

    That being said, are you looking for a person that will cost 100 for BOTH hair and makeup combined, or each?
    And where is your venue that you would be having the person come to? In Seattle or..? 
  • I'm going with Salon Maison - it was 100 for hair and makeup for my bridesmaids but it was part of their wedding show special for signing @ the show (I think the price without the discount was 120 for hair and makeup).
  • I am using a family friend who has her own business, Glamour with Grace http://glamourwithgrace.com/default.aspx. She has done my hair and makeup for years (all the way back to hs prom!). I think her prices are less than $100 for the bride and around $75 for BM's. She also works out of a salon in Edmonds. Let her know Chelsea reffered you!
  • LGM22LGM22 member
    I'm using MonaAlisa Productions and it's 85 for Hair and Make up.

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