free Maine wedding

Does anywhere know of anywhere in Maine near oceanside preferably that is free to do a wedding at. 20 guests, no chairs nor extra decor. Small and simple? PLEASE HELP!

PS if not free little to no money.

Re: free Maine wedding

  • As I shared in your last post, Fort Williams/Portland Headlight only makes you pay if you have more than 20 guests, so that would be free.  They have both the lighthouse and beach that you were asking about in that post.

    East End Beach is the only public beach in Portland - you could do it there for free.  There's also a lot of grassy areas on the East End Trail that goes by the beach if you didn't want to be in the sand.

    I know people who got married at Popham Beach (Phippsburg) or Reid State Park (Georgetown) for free. 

    Are you looking for a place that you can actually reserve?  Because that most likely won't be free.  State parks or public beaches won't necessarily let you reserve an area, but you could just show up and have your wedding there.

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  • Oh thank you I think I misread the last post I thought it would still be 150. The places you listed do I need to call anyone ahead of time. I don't need to reserve unless it's required.
  • I don't think you need to contact anyone.  The Fort Williams application specifically says that form/fee is required for more than 20 people.

    I don't see anywhere on the City of Portland website where it says you need to contact them for East End Beach. 

    I have no idea about Popham/Reid. 
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  • Amazing thank you so much!
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