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When are we sending the guys for tuxedos? I was thinking sometime over the summer? And are you going with you?

Re: tuxedos?

  • I went with. We just did ours last week. I wanted to make sure he got the right colors and he picked a nice looking tux. 
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  • I think we'll go sometime in June or July. FI was in a wedding last October and they went in June. I'll go because FI has no opinion on anything so I'll be picking them out. He just wants everything to look good and trusts me more than himself. He's going to be in all black though, so it shouldn't be that hard.
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  • We went and looked but didnt decide on anything yet.  I had no idea there were so many different options with Tuxedos.  2 buttons, 3 buttons, so many different styles....what is everyone getting? 

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    FI went back in like January. He was reall excited to do something for the wedding. I didn't go with him but I did go in after he had picked them out. I was surprised at how well he did! LOL
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  • I actually went Men's Wearhouse without FI in early April.  I've showed him what the guy helping me and I picked out using their online tools.  FI just has to send the info to his guys.
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  • We stopped by at the tux place we're going to go to last weekend.  She told us to come back in July.  She was swamped as it's prom season now too.  I'm not going with them but I'll probably stop by beforehand to give the lady a swatch of the bm dresses to make sure the colors match.
  • for Menswarehouse do you have to make an appt? Or can you just show up?
  • In Response to Re: tuxedos?:
    [QUOTE]for Menswarehouse do you have to make an appt? Or can you just show up?
    Posted by Elaina1012[/QUOTE]

    We made an appointment but they didn't seem to care. When we went in and told them that we had an appointment they just said ok...never asked the name for the appointment or anything. I would think you could just walk in.

    Also, FI and I went together and then he gave the information to his GM. We went in February to get it out of the way.
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  • In Response to Re: tuxedos?:
    [QUOTE]for Menswarehouse do you have to make an appt? Or can you just show up?
    Posted by Elaina1012[/QUOTE]
    I don't think you have to.  We went in without an appointment and got all of the tux stuff done right then and there.
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  • FI went forever ago, and has been dragging his groomsmen in one at a time, lol. He went by himself the first time and pretty much picked everything out by himself, and then I went and pretty much reassured him that he did a good job and we made our decisions about what the dad's would wear.

    We also did it really early because we were taking advantage of a deal we got at a Bridal show. I think fittings are pretty much done at this point, but they told us we really didn't need to come in til like two weeks before the wedding. Which they all still have to go and get refitted anyways because we need to make sure that things fit obviously.
  • We've already been and picked out the styles for the GMs back in April and paid the deposit. The guys will have to get measured around the three months mark. Most of the GMs are OOT so they'll need to go to a Moore's or Mens Wearhouse in their area and then phone in their measurements.
  • Just crossed this off the list this weekend.  We decided on all the tuxes and told the guys they have until 8/31 to get measurements in.  Jos A Bank advised we need it all in a month before and so I gave the slightly earlier time frame so I have time to check/follow up as our BP is scattered around Florida, New Jersey, and Illinois.

    They measured FI, but he's going to remeasure again at the end of summer as he's planning to lose weight.


  • We went in last week and picked out all the colors/styles for everybody (groom, GM, ushers, fathers). We went back in today to put down the deposit. The place we went they have to have the measurements 2 months before and some of the GM are huge procrasinators so letting them know this early they should have no excuse not to get them in on time.
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  • We don't have a wedding party so FI is the only man I need to worry about dressing, and we decided he's going to wear a suit and not a tux. We'll go in sometime in the next couple months to pick something out and have it tailored.
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