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June 2012 Weddings

Opinions please! Maid of Honor wants to get pregnant before my wedding

My Sister, whom i love very much and have chosen to be my maid of honor, is getting married in September and has decided that she wants to jump right into trying to get pregnant. I would never say anything to her and would love to have a little niece or nephew, but this kinda bothers me a little because she could possibly be due right around my wedding. I know this may come off as a little insensitive and i  don't mean it to, i'm just putting it out there because its swimming around in my head. Thoughts? 
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Re: Opinions please! Maid of Honor wants to get pregnant before my wedding

  • So, alot of you guys posted not to stress until you finally knnow for sure your sister/MOH cannot make the wedding... WELL... yesterday I just found out my sister will not be able to travel to my wedding. When I found out she was trying, I didn't stress and kept planning as if she would make it. Now that I am certain she can't make it, I am very upset and have no clue what to do. My wedding is this Dec 20. and she is due jan 16. I already anticipated her not being able to travel when she told me she was trying, but I hoped that she wouldnt get prego. When she finally found out she was pregnant we were just waiting for the answer from her doctor to tell her whether or not she would be able to travel. Unfortunatly she didnt find out until just now and all this time we were hoping that she would still be able to travel. So, with that said, any advice???
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