Hey y'all, I was hoping you could share some invitation insight: 

(1) If I buy blank invitations at Target/Office Depot/etc., am I simply buying the paper or do they come with a CD with templates?  I am not very creative yet I would like for the invite to have different sizes/fonts throughout, if that makes sense.  

(2) Any recommendations for sites to order invites online?  I am hesitant about it just because I don't want to go through a hassel of sending them back and getting a refund if things don't turn out well. 

(3) Any recommendations for stores to go to in the metro Atlanta area?   

(4) My wedding is July 28th -- when should I send out the invites?  I know I need to get on it! 

We are hoping to spend no more than $2.00 per invite -- like, everything that is mailed (some sites say they are 99 cents for invites but that's because the reply cards/envelopes are additional charges).  

Thanks in advance!!  

Re: Invitations...?

  • Definitely go to Vistaprint. I have orderd SO MUCH from there. They are great, really. And VERY affordable. You can also request a sample kit - which is free. This is the link to the wedding specific part of the site.

    I can't really answer your question about boxed invites since I have never tried that. If no one can give you advice on that here I would ask on the budget board. 

    You should send out invitations 6 - 8 weeks before your wedding date.
  • I'm getting my invitations from MagnetStreet Wedding.

    I've got zero creativity to do them on my own.

    As far as when they should be mailed..... my fiance's cousin is getting married July 7th.... and we've already received their invitations.
  • Ditto Poke on VP. 123 print is good too. 
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  • Thanks so much for y'all's help!  

    I couldn't find where to get samples of wedding invitations from VistaPrint (just a sample that included business cards and other business materials) so I went ahead and had some fun designing one (well, just kind of changing little things in their template) and ordered 10 invites w/ envelopes and 10 response cards w/ envelopes to see how they look.  

    Crossing my fingers that we like them because it was $47!!  $12 of that was shipping, though.  Went ahead and purchased a GroupOn to help with costs -- $17 for $70 worth at VistaPrint -- here is the link for anyone else looking to save money wherever possible!  The offer expires today and the deal expires July 25. 
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