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Tux or Suit?

I have a question for anyone who can offer their insight... My wedding is not black tie but it will be more formal as opposed to casual. 300ish is the guest count. My fiancé wants to wear a suit instead of a tux but I don't want him to look like a guest.  Is there a rule for etiquette?  Jos. a Banks is doing their speal about buying 1 suit - get 2 for free.  This would be groom's gift to the groomsmen, which is the suit to keep afterwards.  (It estimates to be $165 per suit).  He has a dad and a step dad.  He said we'd get a suit for my dad to match the groomsmen cuz he's walking me down the aisle but not for his dads.  I want the pictures to flow together and I don't want people to think we didn't care enough about his dads.  So I think they should all be dressed the same.  My mom and I have worked really hard to make this a "classy" affair and I feel like a suit would dress it down.  Maybe I'm wrong.  It appears that the groom's family has already made their decision because this is their expense...  Do I have a right to request they wear tuxes or should I go with the flow?
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Re: Tux or Suit?

  • The groom gets to choose his attire and the groomsmen's. The dads do not need to match. And really, there's not a huge difference between black suits and black tuxes. Just the satin lapel and stripe tuxes have. What time of day is your wedding, by the way? Tuxes are only appropriate for evening weddings.
  • The wedding is at 4:00pm.  I just want to make sure that the dads are recognized as they should be and that they coordinate for the formal pictures.  Thanks :)

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  • Go with the flow--this is what they want, this is what they intend to pay for.

    Suits will not make the event look too casual. People will know who is in the bridal party.
  • There isn't a ton of difference between a tux and suit. We are having a black tie event. My FI is going to be wearing a gray tux with a necktie and frankly, it looks like a gray suit with a vest and tie. He looks super handsome in it and it makes him happy so I'm not saying a word.

    Let him pick out what he wants. If you want to ensure he'll stand out, which he will because he's the groom, maybe suggest a nice colored vest. Also fathers don't need to match the bridal party and in my opinion shouldn't. Both fathers are more than capable of dressing themselves, give em a little credit for life experience.
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  • I agree, go with a suit, plus that's a great gift for the groomsmen, and not much difference in price opposed to renting a tux! Most I have seen pair the suit with a vest, and that makes it look slightly more formal.
  • I would just go with the flow and let him have what he wants.. it really won't make that much of a difference.
  • FI and his groomsmen are all wearing matching slim fit suits with black shirts. Our wedding is also formal. A perfectly tailored suit looks better IMO than most rental tuxes.
  • I think a suit can be very classy.  Is it a day or evening wedding?
    If it is a formal location and also evening, then I would probably go for the tux. 

    But there is something to be said for an elegant understated suit. And it would be a nice gift that all of the men could wear again.
  • I agree with CMGr - tuxedos are not appropriate before 6pm. Go with the suit.
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    [QUOTE]FI and his groomsmen are all wearing matching slim fit suits with black shirts. Our wedding is also formal. A perfectly tailored suit looks better IMO than most rental tuxes.
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