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Okay so my fiance and I got engaged on March 5, 2011 (the day before our 1yr anniversary) and originally to save money we were just going to get married at a friends house next to their pool and have it kind of like a relaxing tropical style wedding with only family and close friends in attendance (ie less then 40 ppl in attendance). Well this weekend I went to visit him while he is working in San Antonio and on Saturday he took me to New Braunsfels to the Comal River (it was my first time to go to that area even though I already love SA). While there I realised that that is where I want to get married!

Now I think we should just have it even more of a tighter knit celebration by just having immediate family and friends and a nice dinner with everyone who does come. I know this is our day but I know some people (especially my sister and her family) will say they can't afford to come and I know there are those that really can't but then my sister will gripe about our decision when she herself is planning some fancy "to the nines" deal on a cruise ship....

How do I handle her and anyone else who gets upset bc they can't or refuse to pay to go?

Also does anyone know of somewhere we could do this at without getting a church or some fancy venue when we really just want it to be outside with nature where the surroundings are beautiful????


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    Well, its YOUR day. If your sister doesn't understand that you want something simple and she isn't cooperating then she doesn't need to be there. I know that seems harsh, but she should be happy with your day as you are probably happy about her day.

    When is your wedding? You can get married at Landa Park in New Braunfels if you really like the area. I also love the idea of getting married at your friend's house and having a simple backyard bbq or something :)

    I would talk to your sister and see what her problem is. I would start there and start planning :)
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    Most places in tourist areas are pretty pricey. If you are keeping it small, I suggest having it at a restaurant or at a bed and breakfast. Try the Gruene River Grill. We are having our Rehearsal Dinner there.

    Some Bed and Breakfasts--


    http://www.tbarm.com/ (this place is pretty inexpensive)

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    mmm Gruene River Grill. My food is settling but I'm getting hungry!
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    Yea.. I was pretty stoked when his mom agreed to it!! :)
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    We did like the idea but when I saw New Braunfels and the area I fell in love with it. We are not a traditional couple by any means. Both of us have already been married and divorced (both our exes are from another country-how odd is that lol). I have a 5 year old son. We live together with my son and my parents (hey its cheaper then apartments in our area-esp when I don't make much money right now).... So yeah we aren't a typical engaged couple. Also we don't have big families nor a lot of friends. If we stuck with getting married locally at my family friends house then there would only be about 40 people invited (and some of them wouldn't even show up anyways). Why should we settle for that when we can get married in a place that is amazingly beautiful? Now if we did consider getting married in the hill country we could change the date a bit to so we didn't have to deal with college students (hey wait I am a college student lol)....

    Just need to find a place that we can afford that fits us....
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    What is your budget for the location?
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    As far as things go with your sister, tell her to take the train if other means of travel is out of her price range. If she is unwilling to do even that, then, although it sucks to say so, she probably shouldn't be there. 

    For venues, Landa Park is a great idea, they have gazebos and a mini theatre as well as grills and tables if you wanted to do a bbq or something after. If you want to get away from the park (ya know, always the danger of kids, dogs, etc running through the ceremony), there is a large gazebo in the middle of town that I've seen people get married on, and it's beautiful. If you want to go farther out into the hill country (Kerrville, Boerne, Spring Branch) there is a lot of just gorgeous land there and a lot of the small vendors and shop owners are more than willing to let you use their facilities for a very reasonable price. Do a google search for "New Braunfels bed and breakfast" and some adorable places will come up, and if it's small, you can do the wedding in there as well. Best of luck to ya, dear!
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