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I would like to get our engagement pictures taken somewhere in downtown Lancaster.  Do you have any suggestions of streets, attractions, alleys, etc?  We would like to include our dog in a few of the pictures. 

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    I would do them around Central Market!  So pretty! Plus right now I am sure there are flowers out or starting to come out!  We did our wedding pics down by Market and they were beautiful!  It turned out great because our pics were taken after it was closed for the not a lot of foot traffic. 

    Steinmann Park could also be a pretty place too (close by, next to The Pressroom).  :)   ALSO...there are some really pretty churches with neat courtyards that you could take pics in. I think there is one on West Chestnut that is beautiful...maybe find one with a beautiful doorway...that would be pretty!  :)  GL!
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    I second by Market. There are a lot of neat alleys behind it.

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    I second the Central Market and Steinman Park area.

    We did our engagement photos in downtown Lancaster but we only walked from the 300 block of N Queen St to Stans Records on Prince St. In that short walk we got a ton of fabulous photos just by taking advantage of interesting nooks and crannies. A few of my photos are in my bio if you care to take a gander :)
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