Who all needs flowers?

My flower budget was a strict $600 (without centerpieces, the centerpieces are fruit). If I go with the florist I loved it will be just under that for my bouquet, my maids' bouquets, and the grooms and groomsmens' boutonnieres (plus delivery and all that). We don't have a flower girl or ring bearer.

If I get boutonnieres and corsages for everyone I originally planned it is going to be outrageous. I personally would rather go with quality over quantity here. Is it okay to not have a bunch of corsages and boutonnieres for everyone (dads, moms, grandfathers, grandmothers, etc.)? I know my family won't think anything of it, but I don't want to do something that is considered rude to his family. 

Who all needs flowers?

Re: Who all needs flowers?

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    I think it would be kind of rude not to get flowers for your VIPs (parents and grandparents).  If you did get flowers for them how much more would it cost you?  It probably wouldn't be a severe amount.  And even though they may not care about the flowers themselves they will care about the fact that you thought they were important enough to garner wearing a bout or corsage.  It is always the gesture that counts.

    To cut down costs you could always just have the grandmothers carry a single flower with a bow tied around the stem.

  • It's going to be around $200 extra to get flowers for everyone (It's a lot of people if you think about it: brothers, parents, grandparents,...), and that is really not in the budget. If I have to do it I am going to have to find a different florist. 
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    You don't have to get your siblings flowers if you don't want to.  The only people that normally get flowers are...
    WP (GMs, BMs, flowergirls, ringbearers)
    Readers (if any)

    If you want to give them to anyone extra you can but it is not necessary.

    Typically the parents and grandparents are honored with flowers because your parents made you and the grandparents are the "elders" and are always nice to recognize.

  • Would you consider fake flowers for corsages?  you can get flowers pretty cheap at Michael's or AC Moore type places (they also have a lot of coupons in the weekly paper). Ask the staff there for help in deciding how to arrange them.
    Or my cousin did fake flowers for nosegays (small bouquets about 3 to 5 buds) for parents grandparents etc.

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