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Kinda sorta newbie here

Hi ladies, I've been engaged almost 7 months but am nowhere near being ready to start wedding planning.  Our wedding date isn't until January 24, 2015 because of his current deployment in Japan, and my ridiculously crazy custody arrangement with my son.

I jumped the gun early, and have already bought my dress.  My maid of honor and I went dress browsing just for fun in August, and I fell in love with it.  Problem is, with the actual wedding date so far away, I want to start planning, but I know it's so far away!  I miss my fiance and hate that he won't be here for the majority of the planning and details.  But I'm sure he loves that part. :)

Anyway, I'm hoping to get out of the wedding planning funk and start finding the fun in it soon.  Thought this board looked like a good place to start.


Re: Kinda sorta newbie here

  • With two years to go, I would wait a bit.  You could go ahead and start looking at venues and talking to those managers.  However, they can not usually give solid price quotes because those rates can chage depending on certain factors.  Many venues here won't book farther out than 18 months.  Find out what their policies are.  
    As far as other things, styles change so much from year to year.  I wouldn't pick colors, BM dresses, flowers and such until about a year out.  
  • I wouldn't pick anything yet, but you can certainly have fun browsing and putting together ideas of what you might like and what you might hate. 

    I had a binder that i used just to have fun and put things in there I liked (such as bouqets, hair styles etc). It made it more fun when it was so far away. 
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