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Bridesmaid Drama dealing with Bacholerette Party

Ok my bach. party is next Saturday and i need advice. Plan was to rent this drinking trolley which is like 350 (i just found out) one of my bridesmaids put down a deposit after tellling the other girls the amount (this is of course hearsay from what the one who put down the deposit told me).... and now a week before all the other girls are not willing to put in their money.
The girl who put down the deposit was obviously asking the rest of the ppl attending for like $20 to help out, but the majority was going to be paid by my party.

So anyways, now no one else wants to throw down and the one who put down the deposit is screwed out of $100 and plans need to be changed.

I am no bridezilla and I really don't care what we do for the party as long as we all have fun. NOW though I feel like there is going to be tension between all the girls in my party (whether it be actually stated OR even not stated but just felt)... I have no idea what to do. I want everyone to have fun, including myself. I want my friends to get a long but i have no idea what to do or if there is even anything i can do to keep the peace and ensure its a good time. I realize, as the bride, I shouldn't even have to worry about this but now I do. So any advice would be HELPFUL

Re: Bridesmaid Drama dealing with Bacholerette Party

  • You should pay the balance and have fun with your friends, if everyone will be happy you will not regret paying on behalf of all your friends.

  • You don't need to pay the balance, but you DO need to stay out of it.
  • Stay out of it. It's not your business. Do not give any money under any circumstances.
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  • Oh I was not planning on paying the balance. As much as i would love to just to have fun and chill the drama... but with my wedding 3 weeks away and Joe & I paying for it alone- there is no extra money to be had.

    I am mostly worried about how this is going to affect my bridal  party and how they handle each other- finguring we have the next 3 weekends togather (bach party, bridal shower, wedding). I am just nervous there will be tension... Ulch
  • I agree with RetreadBride. That seems to be the best solution and hopefully your friend who put down the money learned a valuable lesson.
  • Your day-of will be fine.  I've been in parties where there was tension between the maids.. .It ended up being fine during the ceremony, and pictures, and everyone does their own thing at the reception.  Don't worry about that.  You don't need the stress and you shouldn't have been brought into it.  Just say "tell me where to be on sat... even if it's your apartment watching chick filcks and having a dance party, i just want my bach party to be with my friends"

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