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engaged, now what??

so, me and my new fiance have been engaged for almost two weeks. i wasnt expecting the proposal at all, especially since the whole time we have been together he has always said to me "marriage is just paper work, and it causes more stress in relationships".
my birthday was may 9th, and i turned 20. that saturday after my birthday, he took me to Louisville to celebrate my birthday because there is waaay more to do there than there is here. we stayed at this big fancy hotel, and when it got later on in the evening he told me i needed to get ready (i had no idea of anything happening that day), well we are standing outside waiting on our "cab" and here comes this horse drawn carriage :)), we take a carriage tour around the town, and then our carrage driver drops us off at where we were going to eat which was the 'old spaghetti factory' we had a more private booth that was dark except with one little lamp, it was very romantic. then after that we walk to this comedy bar, and watched greg owens. and after all that, we went back to the hotel, he took me outside to 'play in the fountian' and in the center of  the fountain was a place where you could stand and there was water shooting up, and a waterfall behind you and he proposed right there. <3

so, im engaged...now what?
when do i start planning?
he thinks its way too soon.
advice? please?

Re: engaged, now what??

  • Just enjoy being engaged right this second.

    But just talk big picture right now. (Formal vs. causal backyard, all your family & friends vs. tiny wedding, what can you afford, how much/long do you need to save, etc.)

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  • Congratulations!
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  • thank you guys so much for your advice!
    we kinda have all the major stuff figured out!
    we want it outside, in june, with only our close friends and family...which sadly between us both is quite a few of people :) and vegas for the honeymoon!
  • i did too, it was very personal/romanitc. 
    we were the only ones out there, so there were no distractions. thats how i wanted it, i didnt want it done where everyone is watching. 

    i've been trying to decide where to have our wedding, but theres no real places that just come to mind. this is a harder decision than i thought. 
  • We got engaged in December and we decided the big stuff right away... when, where, etc. But when we realized that we wanted to have a 10 month engagement and do a destination wedding, and that I was leaving in late january for 2 weeks to work the super bowl, and he was leaving shortly after for 3 weeks for work as well, we realized it was time to get moving. So we had the big things taken care of (booked a wedding coordinator in hawaii for our date) before I left.

    The rest has been pretty easy going and as long as you don't have any things that will take you away from wedding planning for a long period of time, you've got all the time in the world. The only reason we rushed was because if we had waited until we both were back we would be less than 8 months out and that makes things a bit harder.
  • well, congrats. i think a destination wedding would be funnn! my fiances mom said we should get married in vegas, which is where we are having our honeymoon, and just have a reception type thing when we get back. thats something i dont think that i would enjoy. i dont want a random elvis to marry me.

    we are having a budget wedding, because while we are planning a wedding, we are also looking at buying a house! so much stinkin stress. i believe we are staying engaged 12-13 months. i want june 9th, but things could change, the dates not set in stone now we just know next summer. i keep trying to think of a place to have an outdoor wedding, but i dont know! no wonderful places come to mind! i think a possible lake view?
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