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trustworthy jewelers in Kalamazoo?

Hi all,

I'm looking for a place to take in my engagement ring for a little maintenance. I'm new to the area, and nervous about sketchy, stone-swapping jewelers that everyone warns you about. Can anyone recommend a trustworthy jeweler in Kalamzoo or Portage?

Thanks so much,

Re: trustworthy jewelers in Kalamazoo?

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    We go to Stahr's of Kalamazoo.  It's a family-owned place and has been in business since 1910.  Actually, almost everyone we know goes there for jewelry repair (and some purchases too).  The owner, Steven, actually does repairs for many of the mall shops in town w/o their own repair person.

    Stahr's is primarily in the repair business but will sell you jewelry if you know exactly want and ask him to make it.  We got my engagement ring here.  Steven ordered a few stones for us to choose from after I told him what I was looking for.  After I picked one, he ordered the band I wanted and then set the stone.  The nice part?  Extremely reasonable prices.  Cutting out the middle man at the mall saved us a lot of money.  My ring appraised for $1200 more than we paid for it.

    The shop is located right downtown - maybe 2 blocks away from the Radisson.  Just one thing to know ahead of time, don't let the look of the shop deter you.  Though it doesn't look like much on the outside and isn't anything fancy on the inside, this guy does quality work and for a good price.

    Highly recommend!
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    This sounds great, d0roell... thanks so much!
  • dogsandfrogsdogsandfrogs
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    I have never heard of Stahr's either...

    Morrison's is FANTASTIC.  It's a family owned store and has been around for ages.  They've got you covered no matter what it is you're looking for, and they are incredibly helpful and pretty reasonable.  I don't know what they are like for repairs, but I know any time I've been in there looking at wedding bands for myself or my fiance they know us by name and insist on taking my engagement ring to check the stones, fix scratches, and polish the whole thing up while we look around.
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    My fiance went to Rogers and Hollands at the Crossroads Mall. He did a LOT of shopping around before he chose them. They are very friendly and helpful. I think they have stores across the midwest.  I highly recommend them.
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    I lived in Kzoo for 15 years and also have never heard of Stahr's. If you are still looking for a place check out Pearlman's in Battle Creek. They are amazing. They have a national reputation (people ship rings and jewelry to them from all over the country) and have been in business forever. I live in Chicago now and we still went to them for my engagement ring issues.
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