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Ceremony Programs in Spanish

Hi ladies! 

Just wondering...are any of you doing ceremony programs in Spanish? I'm having a Catholic wedding and was wondering what are you putting in it? I've searched online and found a site that creates some in Spanish; however, I'm not going to purchase them as they get quite expensive and is something that people might just throw away. What do you'll think?


Re: Ceremony Programs in Spanish

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    You could always buy a DIY kit and assembly them yourselves, it saves you tons of money.
  • preciosa4preciosa4
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    I'm doing the programs myself.  (I just bought covers and will use blank paper that I print myself inside.  Super cheap, but attractive.)  I plan to have the program written in English with Spanish translations for everything.  I'll be thorough in having everything translated, as my fiance's family is Peruvian and does not speak much English.  (I want them to know what is going on.)  My fiance will do the translations for me.
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    Here is my ceremony program - espero que te ayude



    Accion de Gracias                 

     Presentación de la Biblia     

    Ceremonia Nupcial              

    Declaración del Intento

    Entrega de Anillos              

     Ceremonia de Arena           

    Anuncio del Matrimonio

    Presentación de La Familia


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    I'm making the paddle fans similar to the picture below, except I'm going to have the ceremony information on both sides (one side will be in English and the other side will be in Spanish).

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  • nettiesnetties
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    Hello there,
    i am going to have to make my programs in Spanish, but i wanted to ask you the name of the website so i can use their wording, the wording above was helpful, but i just want to make sure i'm not missing anything...

    Also, I bought my programs to make myself that are in the shape of a fan from Michael's, they were about $38. for a box of 40..
    I attached the pic of them for you to see!!
    Good luck!!
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