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No Singers????

So I don't really know anyone that can sing at our wedding, nor do I want to hire some random person I don't know.  Any ideas of some kind of entertainment at the ceremony instead of having a soloist?  A friend told me she had her guests all sing church hymns in place of having a singer.  Is that a good idea?  What would the wedding party do up front while everyone is singing?  Just stand there?

Is anyone else having this problem???  Any ideas would be appreciated!!
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Re: No Singers????

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    First off....thanks for the suggestion on Stuido 7.  Megan is a great stylist.  I actually went to my friends wedding back in August and she didn't have a soloist.  I think we sang 2-3 church songs.  I don't really remember what the wedding party did.  They might have sang....but I think the bride and groom mainly talked.  But having everyone sing really isn't a bad idea
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    I am glad I was able to help!!  I am always afraid to try new stylists when I don't know anything about them.  I have had a few nightmare experiences at Great Clps!!

    What do you mean the bride and groom just talked?
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    I remember them just standing up there while everyone was singing and just talking.  I thought it was a bit disrespectful to not sing.  But thats just my opinion
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    I would say that unless it means a lot to you to have a particular song performed, or to have someone close to you sing, then you don't need to have a song just to fill more time (that is, unless you're doing something like a unity candle and need something to fill the silence during that). 

    That said, if you want to do songs, then it would be neat to have the whole group sing.  I went to one wedding where hymns were sung, and the officiant had copies of the music that he passed through the WP so they could sing along, too. 
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    You could easily replace a solo with a reading or poem or scripture that would be meaningful to you. 
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    You don't necessarily have to have a soloist.  You could have everyone sing church hymns or you could just have an organist or pianist play.
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