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What do you like better: A or B?

I have two totally different ideas for my wedding and I just can't decide on which one I want to go with. My FH is no help with these things either. He says he likes everything.

Wedding A:  DIY, rustic, maybe outdoor, casual



Wedding B: Banquet Hall, Semi-Formal, Bling



My FH and I are both very laid-back people. We love to throw parties and BBQ. We both watch a ton of sports and love to be outside doing things. I am a jeans and sneakers girl and always have been. But I also really like some glitz and bling.

I don't see these two ideas coming together at all either. That would of been an easy fix. Should we go way over-the-top for one day?  Or have a more casual wedding that would be more "us"?

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Re: What do you like better: A or B?

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