Candy/Dessert Bar?

I need some insight. My wedding is planned for 2 in the afternoon. I was going to do a buffet of finger foods but now I am leaning more towards a candy/dessert bar. I would like to have all sorts of candy and desserts. My family are big bakers so we were going to do everything by ourselves. Can anyone tell me if they think this would be a good idea? I was going to do the whole "chinese take out" box with a quote and use them as favors. If so, what kinds of candy do you think I should use? I was thinking mini candy bars and junk like that. Anyone have any input? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks girls!
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Re: Candy/Dessert Bar?

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    Do you mean the candy/desert bar instead of finger foods? If so I would suggest you provide something else to eat as well. I don't eat a lot of sweets and my sister is diabetic and can't eat sweets. I am sure there are people that wouldn't want sweets as there only option for food.
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    I did a candy buffet and used the takeout boxes.  PIB.  They said "Thank you for making our special day so sweet."  All the flavors of candy I used are in my planning bio.  Some girls (like me) like to use candy in their wedding colors but that's totally up to you.  It's cheaper just to buy a variety of bagged candy.

    When I go to a wedding, I really look forward to wedding cake and that is all I want as far as dessert.  You might want to offer something besides sweets, even if it's just popcorn, nuts, fruit, etc. 
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    Are you referring to this as your favor, or as the food served at your venue?  I definitely would be offering at least some type of food other than desserts.  But I think the candy/dessert bar is fine for a favor.
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    I answered a similar question on another board.  In the south, cake and punch receptions are common.  That being said, they usually add nuts, mints, cheese wafers and ham or chicken salad biscuits...just as something to break up the sweets!
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    I would do both a finger food bar and a dessert bar if it fits into your budget!
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    do you mean the candy/dessert bar instead of finger food? i would then add a cheese/cracker platter, raw veggies and dip, and a fruit platter to round it out. that will be inexpensive but give people options. i know the older guests of mine would not just eat sweets.
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    If you did just a candy/dessert bar you would be overloading people on sweets. I would stick with your finger foods and then do the take out boxes with candy/desserts as your favors. I know the one wedding I went to had a candy/dessert table and finger foods and it was a hit with everyone!

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