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Making your own food?

Hello!  I'm trying to have a wedding on a budget and a lot of what I'm reading says to make your own food.  I love to cook and I've cooked for dinner parties and parties before but never for 65 people!  The wedding is in a Friends back yard and it will be lovely but I can't really wrap my head around doing my own cooking?  How is this possible??  And still not spend your entire wedding in the Kitchen.....?  Spilling sauce on my dress...?  Do I make 20 Frozen lasagna's and heat them one by one in the oven?  I'm taking ALL suggestions!

Re: Making your own food?

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    If it's for 65 people I would look into catering.  Think about your favorite local restaurant.  Maybe you can get a deal out of it.  Is your wedding a more casual affair or leaning more towards the formal side?  If it's casual then think about BBQ.  I've been to a few wedding where they've had a local BBQ restaurant cater and it was fantastic (they also said it was price friendly).
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    I agree that you can find some reasonable priced meals. You could always do buffet style and order premade food. Many restaurants will sell food for parties without having to get all their services. I found East Side Mario's to be very reasonably priced meals. We are using them for our wedding in August.  If you need their info you can check out the catering tab on the following website.
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    Cook for your wedding???? Pure madness!
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    My wedding is about 98% DIY. I'm even making my own cake. But this is where I drew the line 1) I'd hate to not make enough, 2) I don't wanna clean my own kitchen, and 3) I 'd hate to have stuff left over.

    What I ended up doing was drafting a letter, stating what I was looking for (2.5hr cocktail reception with appetizers only and cake service), and what my budget was ($2000, which I lowballed). I sent it out to 6 different restaurants. 1 said they couldn't do it for that price, 1 said they were booked that day, and the last three I'm in contact with and setting up tastings because they said they'd be happy to work with me.

    If you really are set on doing your own food, I'd go premade as much as possible and heat up. Or cut costs by having a cookout/BBQ, or just making sides and having a catering place deliver some of the bigger items.
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    My MIL does catering and sometimes she has cooked for her own parties. It's alot of work and most of your time you spend it in the kitchen. She also does buffets and when something is out she has to keep refilling the trays. I say you just order food because its way too much work.
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