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Is it rude?

Just a quick question...would it be rude to invite a person but not give them the option to invite a guest?
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Re: Is it rude?

  • JKohioJKohio member
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    IMO it depends on who you are thinking and what their relation to you would be. It would be rude to invite a married person and not their spouse, for example. It would also be rude to NOT invite a guest for someone in your bridal party, IMO.

    However, I do not think It would be rude to invite a single person who is not in the wedding party and not invite a guest for them, if you are looking for ways to cut your guest list.
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  • mamboqueenmamboqueen member
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    I agree with JK. Depends on the circumstances
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    Agree with previous posters.  One additional note.  If you know someone's significant other pretty well, it is generally accepted that you will invite them as well (at least in my circle).  So if your cousin just started dating someone, you don't have to invite plus one, but if it is a cousin's significant other that they have been with for a while and you know the SO well too, you should probably invite them.
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    In general, if it is a long term relationship, live-ins, engaged or married, you must invite their SO. Other than that, it is up to you.
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    Personally, when I was single, I hated being invited to a wedding w/o a guest. Especially when all my friends were in long-term relationships and their SO were invited. I'd end up at a table with all my friends and their husbands/boyfriends. I'm inviting everyone with a guest just because I hated going to weddings alone. But... I think proper etiquette says spouses, engaged couples, live-together couples, and long-term couples are all invited with a guest.
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  • JenLeeSJenLeeS member
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    Yeah, I agree with what everyone else has said. My FI and I also weighed how many people we were actually talking about. For example, once we included spouses, long-term SOs, and live-in SOs, there were really only a few singles left who don't have anyone in their lives right now or who have short-term SOs.

    So, point is, it does feel kind of rude to give almost every other guest an option to bring someone but then single out only a few who aren't allowed. At the end of the day, if it's not a ton of money, I'd just err on the side of giving the plus one.

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    I see what everyone is saying. I only ask because whenever I have been invited to a wedding I never even thought to bring a guest. Our space is limited and I would like to only invite those with spouses, fiances, or long term SO to bring a guest. Thanks for the advice!
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