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October 2012 Weddings


Just thought about it...this is our last weelkend as unmarried women for all the 10/ 19, 10/20 and 10/21 girls! I'm so happy that its right around the corner. I work 3 days this week and then its wedding wedding wedding!!! Hair trial, mani/pedi, last minute shopping for food related stuff and having our rings inspected and cleaned on Thursday. Family begins arriving and we have to set up and have rehearsal and dinner on Friday! Then 7am on Saturday my wedding day begins! I'm kinda glad we don't leave for the honeymoon until Monday! I'll need the time to recover!

And work is going to be busy busy too! We launch a new program Monday morning and I have training for my new position with this new program too! So while I've been trained on the program....I don't even know what I'll be actually doing yet! Then I am off for 11 days including the weekends!

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Re: wow!

  • I'm a 10 20 bride it's amazing to me that it's almost our turn! I also have a 3 day work week! I think Thursday it will finally hit me like ok this is happening! lol it's going to be a whirlwind! I'm also not leaving for our honeymoon until Monday which I think was a great idea! Here's hoping the next 3 work days arent torture!
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    10/19 here.  This weekend has been insane.  I had my final fitting, we went shopping and bought all the supplies we need for the projects we have left and we've basically been working on them non-stop.  We need to go out today and get BM and GM gifts and buy the candy for our candy bar.  I work MTW this week, but I wish I had the whole week off.  Work is going to be busy this week; I have a lot of loose ends to tie up before I'm off for two and a half weeks (wheeeeeeeee!!) Thursday is the rehearsal and dinner and Friday I'm getting married!!

    I still need to schedule my mani-pedi.  I'm not sure where I'm going for it; my usual place has been disappointing the last few times.  I'll probably end up going somewhere nice and really treating myself.  I also need to find time to do it. 

  • We went out last night and had the same realization! This is our last Saturday out before we are married!! Crazy how fast this last month has gone. 
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  • I'm right here with you gals! Saturday is my day as well.  Only working today and tomorrow. At work now, but cant even concentrate. Wednesday is cleaning house and last minute errands, family starts arriving thursday, friday rehearsal and then the big day. Coming so FAST!!!
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