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To-Do Tuesday!!

Hey hey ladies!!  What is on the agenda this week both WR and NWR?

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Re: To-Do Tuesday!!

  • WR - get mock ups from invitation lady (today hopefully!). make decision on invitations. get FI to get over to mens warehouse to check out suits. get mom over to the mall to start shopping for her outfit. call dress shop to see when the girls' dresses are supposed to get in. start shopping for their jewelry / gift ideas? I need to confirm cake and florist for our site visit meetings

    NWR - move my kitties to our spare room (currently my closet. lol) to restart the kitte introduction. WORK OUT!!! We really need to start planning out our meals a little more. 
  • Morning ladies!!

    WR - I found an invitation to the DW ceremony that I love, but I am hoping to hit a couple places in town this week to see if I can make them myself for cheaper than what is on Etsy. Fingers crossed!

    NWR - Just trying to get into a routine. My business partner is gone for two weeks, I have a boat load of work on my plate.  Feeling pretty overwhelmed right now.
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  • Hi Ladies!

    WR: So much! Need to go pay for our wedding bands, and figure out what to engrave on FIs. Also, programs, welcome bags, welcome letter, and work on a shower for my bro's FI (not my wedding, but super important to me too!)

    NWR: so. much. housework. We've been busy (with fun stuff, but still) the last two weekeneds, and I'm behind on laundry, and general upkeep. 
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  • WR: Booked our soda machine for the reception now have to pay for it! Getting ready to buckle down and buy tablecloths. NWR: we are looking into finishing our basement! Been putting off working out lately which I really need to get into again!
  • WR: we are pretty much finalized on everything for Mexico, just have to worry about the AHR now and even that is mostly all decided! NWR: working out every single day until we leave, getting ahead at work so they won't miss me too much while I'm gone, I am getting so excited! The next week and a half can't go by fast enough!
  • Jenny - I'm jealous you're so close to leaving!! :-)

    WR: confirm reception venue/caterer and narrow down invitation choice.

    NWR: catch up on laundry, organize bedroom and guest/craft room. And lots of homework. 
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  • OMG Jenny!!!  How the heck did your ticker get down so low??? lol!
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  • Just wait, Nicole-- it will happen to you before you know it! :)
  • WR: Getting in contact with the resort to set up some kind of "meeting" regarding receptions.  

    NWR: Workout all week! I have Turbo Fire now, time to get my butt kicked! 
  • WR: Going to try to finally get everything paid for at our resort. Also, hopefully shop for wedding bands.

    NWR: Folding laundry
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  • Hi Ladies!

    WR: I need to download the songs I've chosen for the reception, between the steel drum band's sets. I also need to get my room paid for but the resort won't email me back! Grr.

    NWR: Get a manicure!
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