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Pushy Venues

Recently, while visiting a local venue,  the sales person asked if I had a date in mind for the wedding. When I told her December she immediately said that weekends in December have a large minimum. Throughout our entire comversation and tour of the venue she kept repeating that weekends in December have a large minimum. I was waiting for her to tell me the minimun. Really, this is Baton Rouge, how much could this minimum actually be. Finally she stated the minimum was $10,000. Personally I think that's pretty reasonable.

Anyway, as she began looking through the event calendar she  basically refused to look at any evenings in December. She kept "talking up" afternoon weddings. At this point, both my fiancee and I are extremely insulted at her assumption that we could not afford a weekend night in December. She later stated that the Saturday nights in December usually go to big companies that spend $20,000. Are you kidding me......I really doubt in this economy that a company is spending $20,000 on a party!

Honestly, I was insulted and believe the sales person could have handled the situation with more class. Her job was to provide me with the information and allow me to make the decison on whether or not I was prepared to spend $10,000. We both felt as if our business was not welcomed there. How unfortunate because it is truely a beautiful place for a reception.  Sadly, I couldn't, in good faith,
 recommend this place to anyone.

Long story short, has anyone else been made to feel inferior by a venue or am i just too sensitive?


Re: Pushy Venues

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    Sometimes these venues operate on a false set of assumptions.  FI and I visited venues with my parents, and frankly in some places they gave us the same treatment.  I guess they assumed because we are average people and drive average vehicles we couldn't afford it, well SUPRISE...we actaully can!  When I encountered a vendor that I got a bad vibe from, I would tell my parents and mom would cross them off of the list. Now that is also not to say that the vendors we did not choose were all like that, it was just a handful.  Some of the venues were absolutely delightful to meet with.  We visited at least 15.

    Good luck in your search!

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    I made all my wedding-related decisions very quickly and had almost all the "big stuff" booked within two months. If someone gave me a funky vibe, I just thanked them for their time and left. Same thing with scouting hotels for my OOT guests and booking hair/makeup and ordering things from Etsy.

    Anyone who makes assumptions about me just because I choose not to wash my car regularly and wear sunscreen instead of makeup doesn't need my business.

    The one thing I regret is I didn't pick up a bad vibe from my wedding gown consultant until AFTER I'd paid for the dress. That's still a sore spot for me, which is incredibly sad because it should have been a fantastic, exciting experience. Instead, it was all stress.

    I think you're totally justified in avoiding vendors who make you uncomfortable. Everyone should book vendors who make them feel awesome and confident. A wedding is a very big deal, and can be very expensive.

    What venue was it? I'm curious. I totally believe in posting full, honest reviews about places you've been or vendors you've met with. It helps other brides and encourages vendors to be competitive and courteous.
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     Thanks for all the support. The day after I was treated so poorly by this vendor I booked my wedding elsewhere. I hate to call out this place because it truely is a fantastic looking venue, but oh well, Oak Lodge, you will not be hosting any parties for me!

    In the catering business, I understand that December is a huge money-making time of the year. Company Christmas parties bring in the bucks but Weddings are your steady paychecks through out the year......
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