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Beach Glass Request

I want to feature beach glass in my wedding and was hoping I could get some help from my fellow brides!

I don't know who lives near the coast or visits often, but if you happen to see beach glass amongst your travels, would you be able to collect it for me?  I know it's not feasible to ask you to mail me every singular piece you find, but if you happen to collect a small handful, I'd really appreciate you sending it my way.

The reason I ask - I'd like to DIY some beach glass necklaces for my BMs, FMIL, and Mom as gifts.  I'm also toying with beach glass cufflinks for my FI.  In addition to jewelry, I'd like to use it to decorate candle and flower jars for my beach wedding. Luckily, we aren't getting married until May 2012 so I've got plenty of time to collect what I need.

I'm mostly interested in the blue, white & green glass but if anyone finds a rare yellow piece, I will be forever indebted! 

Thanks everyone and let me know if you need my address or have any good beach recommendations for finding sea glass :)

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Re: Beach Glass Request

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    I love this idea! If I had any to share, I would send it to you. But I haven't found any glass, only lots and lots of shells.

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    Its really hard find authentic beach glass on the sand and actually, its nowhere what you think when you do actually find it.  Its usually really rough and jagged and covered in hardened sand and it actually gets cleaned up and polished to come out looking so good like what they sell in stores.  My brother lives down there and I learned this little lesson from him

    I just Googled "Sea Glass" and tons of sites came up and I even found...taaadaaa....YELLOW!!!  ;)  Hope this helps!


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    Yes, I agree. Finding enough sea glass for everything you want to do is next to impossible! Buying it is the way to go. You can also buy the faux glass that looks a lot like the real thing if you wanted to save money on the centerpieces. I met a lady that makes sea glass jewelry while I was at the expo. Her jewelry is beautiful! Let me know if you are interested in her website.
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    check craigslist outer banks..was just on there the other day (i live here) and saw someone selling a bunch for like $20.  i think it was under arts & crafts, maybe they still have it!
    i have a TON but i collect it so im sorry i can't give it up!!  there is alot down here now, just gotta pick the right day and hope for some good piles to scavange through!!
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    Thanks for all the helpful info ladies! Where I went to school in Rhode Island, I would find beach glass everywhere but the more research I do, the more I'm starting to learn that beach glass has become pretty rare.  I did find a ton of great beach glass jewelry artists on Etsy so I may go that route if I can't handle the DIY aspect.

    Funny story, after I told my FI about the beach glass idea, he dug out an old backpack and gave me a handful of white beach glass he had found years ago and forgot about! Sometimes it's the little things that remind me why this guy is so awesome for me :)

    OK, sappiness over haha.  Thanks again!!
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    Hey!  I used beach glass in my wedding too.  Maybe I can be of some help.  :)

    I just posted an ad for 22 lbs (36 cups) of green beach glass on here.  It's not genuine... it's manufactured... but if you want that quantity of beach glass, it's going to have to be manufacured or else it'll cost a FORTUNE!

    I also bought beach glass necklaces for my bridesmaids!  There's a boutique called Relish in my hometown (Erie, PA) that specializes in beach glass jewelry... and all their glass is 100% authentic.  I got necklaces similar to these for my girls... but on silver chains with different spacers...

    They do custom orders... so you can design pretty much anything you want!  I'm sure they'd work with you and ship you the jewelry if you're interested.

    I saw on their website that they do cufflinks too... but they're crazy expensive!

    Hope that helps!  Good luck!  :)
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