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Very Frustrated- one and only vent

At this late date, I know I really shouldn't be stressing about these things because what's done is done, but in the last week I have had 9 people cancel on coming to the wedding well after they sent in their RSVPs saying they were coming,  I know things come up, but this is a DW and all of them had previously booked hotel rooms and made all indications they were coming.  RSVPs were due 3 weeks ago, so I don't understand how they just figured out they can't come anymore AFTER they sent in their response and AFTER I have given a headcount for food and alcohol.  The food and alcohol cost is one thing, but these people make up an entire table of seats, which was another centerpiece, another linen rental, etc.  What's even more frustrating is that all of them have made some comment or indication that it is for financial reasons and not some unexpected childcare issue or illness - then why on earth did you say 3 weeks ago you could come when you knew what was involved?!?  I have financial concerns too people! And now we have thrown away well over $1000 because these people (all close friends of mine and my parents) have no consideration for these things. 

Okay, rant over!!!  I'm going back to being excited and focusing on what is really important, and it's not $1000 I know.  I fly to New Orleans tomorrow with my big 'ol dress and will get our marriage license Wednesday morning! 4 days to go!!!!
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Re: Very Frustrated- one and only vent

  • And your parents???  Wow.  That totally sucks that so many people are skipping out last minute.  I have the opposite problem.  People are adding to my list, and I know they're gonna show up whether they were invited or not.

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  • I meant my parents' friends, not my parents.  LOL.  I'll take your add-ons to make up for these cancellations!!
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  • ErinW1912ErinW1912 member
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    That sucks-that is a reason some of FI family freinds are not coming b/c they cannot bring there kids and they have a 15 and a 13 year old that could watch there 9 and 6 year old for a few hours. The only ppl that have cancelled so far is My FI's aunt and uncle had to cancel last friday b/c of his uncles health. 
    I feel so bad for FI b/c I had more ppl coming from the beggining b/c the wedding is in CO and not MI. I can tell it really bothers him that all his freinds are not coming as well and most of mine are. Even my freinds from Cali and Vegas saved up and are making the trip out and some of my freinds are flying from NY and one of them is flying back from Europe just to attend the wedding. His could not make the trip from WA. It is just dissappointing for him b/c I think he sees it as my freinds care more about me then his do and there are going to be alot of ppl he does not know at the wedding and he is not a big social person. 
  • Same thing with me. We made final payment, gave seating chart to venue, placecards to calligrapher and we are getting cancellations. Its so frustrating. I understand things come up, but seriously?? Less than a week out????
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  • Since I posted, I've had 2 more people cancel. Now I just want to cry and not even check my texts or emails anymore. I'd rather not know at this point since there is nothing I can do about it anyways. :
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