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I am just getting into the process of looking into flower vendors and was wondering who you girls went with, and what you final flower budget turned out to be.

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Re: Wedding Flowers

  • caracbearacaracbeara member
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    We went with Stacia from Petals and Beans. Our budget was $1,500 and it ended up being only $1,200. She was FANTASTIC! Our price included ceremony decor, 15 centerpieces, bridal and toss bouquet, 5 BM bouquet, 3 corsages 7 boutonnieres, flower girl petals, crown of flowers for FG, and vase/FG basket rental. We were thrilled with the results and everyone commented on our flowers. Keep in mind too that we used orchids, which is an expensive flower. 
  • althea1016althea1016 member
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    I did my wedding in State College and went with Woodrings. My budget was $800 and we came in at $810...not a problem since we added a boutonniere and corsage last minute. That cost included ceremony decorations, my bouquet, 6 bridesmaid bouquets and one for tossing, 9 boutonieres, 11 centerpieces and flowers for my cake and gift table. I'm not sure how many tables were set up for the cocktail hour, maybe 9 small tables? But those all got decorated as well. I was FLOORED at how amazing everything looked! Below is a link to my facebook page if you'd like to take a look.

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    Our wedding is in 2 months, and we are going with Petals and Beans in Strasburg.  When I had my consultaion with Stacia, she was so thorough and I just simply said, "I'm trying to stick to a budget" (not mentioning my top price, just to see what she could do for me).  I got everything I wanted for a quote of around $650.  Now, also keep in mind that she is not providing center pieces for me for the reception...just ceremony decor.
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