Will two centerpieces fit?

At the reception I'm planning alternating tables of larger manzanita branch centerpeices with smaller ones. I'm also really interested in doing cake centerpieces for each of 28 tables. Will both the centerpeice and the cake fit at hte same time? If they can't, what's a solution?

Re: Will two centerpieces fit?

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    It really depends on your table size, seating, place settings, and sizes of the centerpieces if it will all fit or not.

    Are you having tables that seat 10 and filling them with 10 guests or are you having tables that can seat 10 but only assigning 8 people to each table? (8 people at a 10 top is reccommended but sometimes it just can't happen.)

    Are you having a mulit-course / plated dinner or family style dinner where you will have salad dressing, baskets of rolls, or other food that will also be on the table?

    What does the place setting look like?  For a multi-course meal you might have 4 forks and 2 spoons spread out at each setting.  Do you have coffee mugs, water glasses, and champagne glasses at eash setting?  (The more you have the more that needs to creep towards the center of the tables.)

    What about any other 'extras' on the tables like menues, table numbers, name tents, etc.?

    These are just a few things to think about.  See if your venue can send you pictures or if you can find any pictures of the tables set up for various weddings.  That will give you a better idea.

    If you don't have room for both, can you do an alternate cake?  Maybe a table set up with different flavored cakes set up on cake stands that vary in height?

    What about incorporating the centerpice and the cake into one?  Can you have a short squatty vase filled with elements from your original centerpiece idea and put your cake on top of that as if that were the cake stand?  Then surround it at the base with votives, leaves, petals, etc?


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