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Perona Farms Brides: Food Question!

I'm just full of questions today!

Did you guys do an actual tasting of the food, when choosing your menu a month before. Or was the free bunch all the tasting you're going to get before the wedding?

Re: Perona Farms Brides: Food Question!

  • I'm a Perona Farms bride as well. I have been to a couple of brunches so far and I love the food. But I haven't had a food tasting yet to pick out the menu, I still have about 11 months left. I'm interested in this question too.
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  • My sister had her wedding there a few years ago. The free brunch was all she got. The food at the wedding was fantastic though. I went with her to pick her menu. They did a good job of explaining things but there was no actual tasting.
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