Any Montreal Brides out there?

Looking to chat with some local brides.
is it just me, or does Montreal seem more exspensive than other places in North America?

Re: Any Montreal Brides out there?

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    Welcome to the board!  There are a few Montreal brides around - I'm sure they'll introduce themselves.  Tell us a little bit about your wedding plans! :)
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    I'm 45 minutes away but no. :) 
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    I am!!!  And to answer your question, yes Montreal is WAY more expensive for weddings than most places.
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    I'm also a Montreal bride (April 16th, 2011)! I live in England and have been planning from a distance. Compared to Europe, getting married in Montreal is cheap!

    We're getting married at Birks Chapel on McGill campus and then the reception is in the ballroom at Thomson House, also on campus. We did lots of looking around this summer and they were what we wanted for a price that we couldn't turn down!

    When are you getting married? Where?
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    Hi ladies
    I am a montreal bride and yes, compared to my friends that got married elsewhere, it costs an arm and leg to get married in MTL.  At this point, I'm DIY as much as I can.
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    hey Girls!
     My name is Mary,  Im a montreal bride& yes things are more expensive. The most expensive is the reception hall. we have heard quotes as high as $175 per person!!!
    we have not booked our wedding date yet, most probably going 2b in June 2011. we have already chosen our venue, photographer, dj , my make up artist and hair dresser. Going to start looking for my dress! im soo excited.
    To be honest one of the most difficult things is the CHURCH! im greek orthodox & he is Catholic. so we are most probably going to chose the new Basilica on L'acadie, montreal. Its called Paroise Saint sauver. Im happy ive been luck enough to work close to many brides throughout the years!

    If you ladies need help with your wedding plans, my close friend is an event planner and she is amazing., she is amazing.
    If you are looking for your accessories, message me. From your Lingerie, Swarovski crystal jewelry that can be ordered in the colors of your choice in advance to your Home Decor.

    Good Luck Ladies.
    Warmest Regards,
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    Welcome Maria!  Just letting you know that you can't advertise your business on The Knot - so be careful with those posts, please!  Thanks!
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    My name is Lesley Lynn and I am a Montreal bride too! (July 24th, 2011 is the big day!)

    We looked and looked for reasonable prices for everything, and it was hard to find stuff/places that were within our budget. We finally found Auberge des Gallant in St-Marthe, just outside of Rigaud, and we love it! We are having the ceremony in their gardens and reception there too. Really not bad in prices compared to most other Montreal (and surrounding) options.
    Now, it`s running around trying to get everything in order. Fun times! (only slightly sarcastic..)

    Hope everything is going well for all you other Montreal ladies! Have a wonderful weekend.

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