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Mechanical Bull at Reception - Poll

My Fi really is excited about the idea about a bull at our wedding reception. Mind you, this is a more non-traditional reception. Pig roast & buffet for the meal, donuts and sweets stable instead of a cake. The theme and feel is vintage country fair,,,, what do you think, as a guest (not as a bride)?

Oh and an added detail, our friends have offered to screen print t-shirts that read "I rode the bull at Beth & Steve's Wedding May 25, 2013!" as incentive for people to ride. :)

Re: Mechanical Bull at Reception - Poll

  • Gustafson28Gustafson28 Winterfell member
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    Sounds like fun but people in dresses prob won't want to ride.. If it is really casual (no dresses) then it might work better. Sounds like a fun wedding!
  • Can I come to your wedding?
  • For the girls who are wearing dresses, I suggest having a pair of shorts or pants handy for girls to slip on under their dresses and then hike the dress up to ride. 
  • Haha! Thank you everyone! Yes, we will definitely be spreading the word to bring a change of clothes for any ladies who would want to ride the bull. Apparently I will have to at least attempt in my wedding dress, for the photo op.

    I am still on the fence about the whole thing, but my fiance is in love with the idea... its hard to say no :)
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  • RailWayWifeRailWayWife member
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    edited December 2012
    Sounds awesome!! As a guest I would be all  over that! My only concern is if the ladies are wearing dresses... I would maybe want to know about the bull before hand so I can throw a pair of tights in my car to throw on so I can ride the bull.

    PS We are also doing dounuts instead of a cake :)

  • Can you get a big pair of coveralls like mechanics wear?  Or a pair of funny looking PJ pants?  Something that is one size fits most will help your ladies enjoy this.  Whatever you do, dont let people talk you out of it :D
  • You could also instead of doing shirts do sweatpants with the "i rode the bull" for girls to put on and then they can keep them.
  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-theme-boards_offbeat-weddings_mechanical-bull-at-reception-poll?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding Theme BoardsForum:43453af6-2ee4-412a-99fb-cbb447240911Discussion:dcc4418c-c9e1-44da-ad26-044632135931Post:4e7689d0-bf5e-4340-9fc6-980eecde2773">Re: Mechanical Bull at Reception - Poll</a>:
    [QUOTE]You could also instead of doing shirts do sweatpants with the "i rode the bull" for girls to put on and then they can keep them.
    Posted by yennijb[/QUOTE]

    What a fantastic idea! Love it, thank you!
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  • I absolutly love the idea. I for one who have been called out for having a game at my wedding as childish on this site can tell you DO IT!!! 

    It is unique and the shirt idea is amazing. I think Weddings are boring, especially bc i worked for a catering company for a few years. No one ever did anything out of the ordinary! So this sounds amazing. Def prepare your guests before hand for what other ppl said to bring an extra pair of clothes or even comfy clothes at that. 

    After i send my rsvps and i get the replys i want to send my guests something else mabe via internet explaining that they should bring something comfy to wear. This could be an idea for you aswell. 

    GOOD LUCK eeeee
  • I am lukewarm only because when I look at what I wear to a wedding, even a casual one, I still wouldn't be able to ride a bull....
    I do like PP's idea of doing sweatpants though, then I could join in the fun!
  • it sounds like fun in my opinion! I would also ride a bull in formal dress haha Smile
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