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Kinda long, sorry. I just need to get this out.

So I ordered my gown in February, and it was supposed to arrive in June. My fiance' has been going in to make payments for me so I wouldn't be tempted to try it on until it's paid for. The last time he went in to make a payment the lady at the bridal shop, not the shop owner, told him it was good thing I ordered my gown when I is now DISCONTINUED!!!!!!!! Here I am thinking "wow, I'm one lucky chick", but come to find out THEY DIDN'T GET MY GOWN IN!!!!! I am now the proud owner of the sample size gown. This kinda p*sses me off and is a relief at the same time.

I shouldn't be complaining about this, I should be grateful, but I really would have liked to have a gown in the correct size. I just wanted to put on my gown and say "Wow, this gown fits me perfectly!". Yeah, um no. I didn't get that. So now all of these thoughts like "How many girls tried on this gown?" are running through my head. I'm praying there are no arm pit stains and loose beads.
On the bright side I have an amazing seamstress who will be able to fix things like loose beads. I am pretty nervous thinking about my gown being chopped up in three places, both sides of the bodice to be tightened to fit my not very big chest, and under the bodice to be shortened.

I suppose things like this happen, and we learn to deal with them. It only makes us a little more patient, and more able to adapt to change. The good thing is I only owe $300 on my gown, and I can go try it on anytime I want. I plan on doing that with my veil,  jewelry, and possibly my shoes in November. My fiance' will NOT be with me. He isn't allowed to see all of the little details. :)

Re: Gown update

  • Did you get the Anne Marie by maggie sottero? It is still on the website. I would think they still make it.
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  • I would insist on a discount! When you first gave them payment it was for a NEW gown right? Quite a misrepresentation! They seem to have violated your verbal contract of them ordering you a new gown, thus you should get a modified price to compensate you for them not honoring the verbal contract. If they don't agree I'd contact the BBB right away. Ya don't eff with a girl's dress!!! LOL! However, if you are happy with it and you think it is worth full price, by all means be happy then but personally I would not pay for full price for something that isn't exactly what I paid for.
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  • I also agree. There is no way you should pay full price for a sample gown! I would definatly be going to have a talk with them! You are lucky though in a sense that there is even a gown to get! Imagine if they had taken your money and then said Oops, no dress! Fury!
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