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Anniversary date

I'm curious to know how everyone came up with their dating anniversary date to with FI.  Did you guys choose your anniversary date from the time both you and FI agreed to be exclusive to one another or did you set your date as your first date with your FI? Or by some other way?
Fi and I chose our anniversary "dating" date as the day of our first date (since we were always "exclusive" with one another).
So how did you guys choose your dating anniversary?
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Re: Anniversary date

  • We chose our dating anniversary date the first time we went on a date.
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  • we chose our dating anniversary by the day of our first real date. we had been best friends before, so as soon as we had our first kiss, we were immediately together. fiance has always said this anniversary doesn't really count, since we won't celebrate it as soon as we are married :) we are now celebrating every month of our engagement with a mini anniversary celebration, we are big nerds and love excuses to pop open a bottle of champagne!
  • Our first date is our "dating anniversary"  It was also the first time we met in person.  I found him online, he was looking for a first mate.  I sent him an email written on a treasure map.  We spent the next 6 weeks talking online via instant messenger, and email.  Finally we decided to meet in person and the rest is history.

    Next week is our 3 year "dating anniversary". 
  • We don't celebrate an anniversary date. 
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  • We chose it by the date that we were officially together (like the date I said I would be his girlfriend). If we would have gone by our first date it would have been 2 months earlier. :)
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  • We celebrate ours based on when we became exclusive I guess, although we were only dating for a few weeks before we made it "official," and neither one of us saw anyone else during that little middle period.
  • We chose it by the day that we met, because we were exclusive from that day.  We never really had "the talk" about whether or not we were boyfriend/girlfriend...it was just assumed. 
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  • We go by our first date and since it was on a Tuesday, we try and do something every Tuesday that's a little special.  Usually it's just a bottle of wine at this point, but in the first year, we would try and go to dinner or make something special at home.
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  • In Response to Re: Anniversary date:
    [QUOTE]We celebrate ours based on when we became exclusive I guess, although we were only dating for a few weeks before we made it "official," and neither one of us saw anyone else during that little middle period.
    Posted by ceglare4[/QUOTE]

    Same for us. It was probably about a little less than a month from our first date til we had the talk.
    We have broken up a few times since then, though, so I'm kind of happy to have a new anniversary to celebrate now and start fresh.
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  • The day we changed our Facebook status to "in a relationship" :D Totally kidding, we go by the day we decided to be boyfriend/girlfriend. Our first date was a few days before that.
  • Well we were teenagers at the time. So first our friends said we liked each other, then we passed notes through friends, then we went to a dance together, then we were "talking" for about a month, which basically meant going out but as a group. Then finally I was sick of the waiting and said to him "so whats going on here" and he said "do you want to be my girlfriend" and I said "duh" and thats the day we use! lol. Totally true story, oh teenagers!

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  • We go by our first date since like PPs we didn't see/date anyone else between then and now. We didn't ever have a talk.  I remember the date because it was 2 days after the anniversary of my dad's passing.
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  • Ours is our first date. We decided to be exclusive at that time too.
  • We go by the second time he asked me to be his girlfriend, since I said no the first time. He proposed a year and a half exactly after that, and we will be together for 3 years and one month exactly on the day we get married. 
    Fun fact: the other day we were considering for the wedding was June 9; 3 years to the day we met. 
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  • We don't really have one, but we usually say "end of July". I didn't even notice when we picked our wedding date (we had to pick 2 different dates that our venue had available) and it happened to be on the 28th which is the end of July!

    We'll be dating for six years by the time we get married :)
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  • We use both. We use out first date anniversary as the date to go back to the same reseraunt every year and remember the first time we went out. We also have our anniversary which is the day he asked me to be his girlfriend even though we were always exclusive it was the day we put a label on it : )
  • Our "anniversary" is the day that I agreed to be his girlfriend. We had started talking some time in July but I don't remember the exact date. I wish I could, but by the time I thought of it and went back in to my profile the email was deleted because the site we met on only kept emails for 2 weeks. The first date we went on he asked me to be his girlfriend because we'd already been talking for like 3 weeks, and I said no, and the next time I went out with him was actually away for the weekend and he was so cute asking again I said yes. After that we were serious and dated until he moved in with me about a month later and 2 months later we got an apartment together.
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  • Ours is Oct 8.....the day that we made it "official". I met him online and we talked for HOURS for about four days, then met, waited about a week, and then made it official (even though I honestly knew he was THE ONE after talking to him). Crazy how things happen:)
  • The first day we kissed - we consider our anniversary. We were friends - and just hanging out as friends - and the moment over-took us before any sort of "dates".
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  •   We were hanging out with some of his friends and one of them asked if were together yet.  We just kind of looked at each other because we hadn't even talked about it at that time.  FI's friend said something like well I now pronounce you boyfriend and girlfriend.  We both started laughing.  We have no idea when that happened so we go by the first date which was October 14th 2000, my senior year homecoming
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  • We counted our 2nd actual date & he went old school & asked me to be his girl friend.
  • We go by the day he first asked me on an official date after many hangouts as friends and going to prom with him. We were only in high school at the time so the first date was a few days later but I can't remember really.

  • First date.  I wasn't dating anyone else at the time.  Became exlusive a month later.
  • We don't celebrate our anniversary. It's actually an interesting story on when we starting dating. I thought we were already dating because we were spending so much time together doing everything a couple would do. He worked 3rd shift and would pick me up in the morning when he got done with work and we'd hang out like a couple, kiss, and snuggle. I was still in high school and he was older so I thought older people wouldn't do the whole "Will you go out with me?" thing. One day he woke up and said, "So what are you expecting from this? marraige, dating, etc?" I told him it was too early to talk about marriage, but it would be nice if we were dating. That's how we started dating even though I thought we already were lol.
  • In Response to Re: Anniversary date:
    [QUOTE]we chose our dating anniversary by the day of our first real date. we had been best friends before, so as soon as we had our first kiss, we were immediately together. 
    Posted by butterflyjumper1[/QUOTE]

    This. We had been friends for a long time, so the talk about the being together and the first kiss all happened on one night. Although it was after midnight, so we where never really sure which day to pick. He proposed last year on our first anniversary, which is in July as well.
  • We went out and got drunk off of sangria and had the talk that we were not going to hook up with other people.  We dated when we were younger for 3 years.  So as soon as we had our first couple of hookups we decided to go out and talk over drinks it was that night that we agreed to not see other people and made it exclusive.  July 2nd 2008 :)
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  • We dated for a few months prior to making it offiicial on his birthday... August 5, 2007, but we don't celebrate it on that exact day... I feel like the whole summer is our "anniversary" haha
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  • Our first date. We actually didn't even know what day it was, just that it was the first Thursday in April........
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