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awkward? ceremony/cocktails in one location, reception in another?

We're getting married on my family farm but decided to have the reception in another location (more affordable for dinner, back up plan for ceremony, etc).  The farm is beautiful and we want people to enjoy the view while they're there.  My FI really wants to host the cocktail hour directly after the ceremony on the farm and have someone announce when it's time to move to the other location for dinner.  I'm not worried about the decor/setting up/providing food aspect, I just thought it sounded a little awkward?  any thoughts?

Re: awkward? ceremony/cocktails in one location, reception in another?

  • It's a little weird, but I don't see why it wouldn't work just fine:-)
  • So, he wants your friends and family to enjoy a drink or two and then drive to the reception location? I don't see how that is a good idea.
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  • drinking and driving not a good idea. My friends can drink alot in an hour so i wouldn't do it.
  • Can you get a bus to transport the guests?   I don't see a problem with your plan other than drinking & driving.  Check that out
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    Or serve ice tea and lemonade instead of alchohic drinksat the farm. It can be a social hour instead of a cocktail hour. I think it's a great idea, especially if that's where you want to do your after ceremony photos.
  • I don't think it is weird at all. 
  • Not only do you have the drink and driving problem but also its going to add 20-30 minutes to things. Normally in that hour ppl also sit down for the the bridal party entrance.  Now you have to get everyone to stop drinking and get to the reception site and sit down... I'm not a fan of this, I see people not leaving when they should etc...
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