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Maui and Big Island in one trip

We have decided on Hawaii for our honeymoon, and I would really like to split our time between Maui and Big Island, to really make the most of our trip. I'd love the beach scene at Maui but also want to see tha lava flow!

My fiance thinks 2 islands is optimistic and the extra travel wouldn't be as relaxing.

Have any of you done both in one trip? It would mostly likely be a 10 day trip. Or planning to?

If so, what kind of logistics do you have in terms of how long on each island, where you flew into, inter-island flight, etc.


Re: Maui and Big Island in one trip

  • We are planning to do the same thing for our HM in May.  We are planning 9 days in Maui, and 5 on the Big Island.  The inter-island flights are only about an hour, so it's really not that big of a deal to travel from island to island.  I know there are people who go to three to four islands in a week, so it can definitely be done.  Our plan is to fly into OGG, then to KOA, then back home.  You can even get some pretty good deals through travelocity going through their multi destination option.

    To determine how long to stay on each island, I would research what you want to do.  We are staying at a friend's condo on Maui, so it was a given that we would stay there longer than the BI.  I have heard that the Road to Hana and Going to the Lava National Park are both day long events, so that's something to think about.  Plan out a mini-itinerary to see how your vacation might look.  Make sure to have empty days that you can just rest and relax!
  • we did 2 weeks on 4 islands (4 nights on Oahu, and 3 nights each on Big Island, Maui and Kuaui).  If had to go back I would go to Maui and the Big Island again, so you def made good choices in my opinion.  We loved the Big Island.  5 days on each of those 2 islands would be perfect.

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  • We did Maui & The Big Island in Sept. for our honeymoon. We stayed 1 week on each island - it was a perfect amount of time. If I could do it again - I would stay 10 days on Maui and 1 week on the Big Island. Only because we LOVED Maui so much. It was a perfect mix of everything.
    Inter-island flights are more like 30mins. You feel like you are island hopping, the planes barely get off the ground (LOL).
    10 days might be a little cramped. We flew from the East Coast as well and you do lose 2 days to travel (getting there and back). Take that into consideration, if you can stay a little longer - do it!
  • We are going to Maui and the Big Island in May.  We are staying for 6 nights in Maui and 4 nights on The Big Island.  We are flying into Maui and flying out of Kona back home.  Our travel agent arranged the flight from Maui to Kona. 
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    Thanks so much, those tips are great and just what i was looking for. I think it will be do-able (and that I can convince FI!).

    We live in Los Angeles so we won't lose much to travel time, luckily! We can pretty much leave LA in the afternoon and get there by early evening, and it's a little worse going back cause of the time, but not a full day in either direction.
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