Want to collaborate to have dishes for your wedding?

I'm getting married this summer.  An outdoor casual wedding.  I don't want to spend a ton on having china, silverware, and glasses, but I don't want paper and plastic either.  It seems like it would almost be cheaper to purchase these things cheaply (dollar store for example) as opposed to renting them.  Are there any other brides getting married this Summer that would like to go in on purchasing 150 - 180 place settings?  I'm thinking it would cost about $3 per setting.  I'm getting married July 16th so you would have to pick a different date.  At the end, we can split up the goods.  Anyone interested?

Re: Want to collaborate to have dishes for your wedding?

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    So I realize that you are going to married soon (congrats!) and most surely have your tableware figured out, but I have just gotten engaged and had the same idea as you!  What did you end up doing?  Do you have dishes to sell?

    Thanks and Congratulations!


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