4 days to go!

And of COURSE I have a ton left to do!!!!!!!!! HOw did you guys finish everything the last week or so before your wedding?!

Re: 4 days to go!

  • Honestly I didn't. The day is about you and your honey. Ignore and scratch the small things. Nothing is more important than you two. I said no to our favors that I really wanted, it wasn't important. I wanted to just not think about all the small things the last week. IT all went great no matter what. I promise you you will enjoy just a little less to do. Any advice let me know. Just make sure you tell everyone what you want that day and do it. I wish I had been more strong on what pictures I wanted and time line to get there. I had a bridemaid that was late, two actually because they drove together and it messed up my timeline, really hurt me they did that. Just make sure you treat yourself good, it's your day and it's so special. IT's been a month since our wedding, I wish you the best. It will be great. Just try and enjoy the day, you don't get a chance to eat, so eat what you can, protein bars that day, etc. Breathe and relax. It'll be fun. And spend time with those close to you, your special person you are marrying. It will be great. And such a good day, don't let the little things spoil it. Let it go if it's not important. I had to, and it was so unlike me. Hope this helps!
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